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2021 Fashion In Taipei - Taiwanese Designers Display "My Era"

 The popular annual event in the fashion industry: 2021 "Fashion In Taipei", which includes the finalists' fashion show and awards ceremony, was held today at CE LA VI Taipei. The theme of this year's competition is "My Era", where designers can fully express the different generations and environment they represent and share their stories and background through the fashion designs. Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Government Shanshan Huang also appeared today in a unique suit created by the winner of the 2020 Gold Award, Bella Hsia, to support Taiwan's outstanding fashion designers through actions, also encourage them to interpret the new era styles in fashion industry, in the meanwhile, reveal Taiwan's newest fashion trends and styles. Today the winner of the Gold Awards goes to Wendy Lin's “Reminiscence”.
 Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Government, Shan-shan Huang, stated that in order to discover emerging design talents, cultivate young designers, Taipei City Government have been promoted a series of events such as exhibitions, forums, matchmaking fairs and the annual “Fashion In Taipei” event since 2013. While it has been 9 years since the beginning of these events, the Taipei City Government has successfully cultivated 108 emerging fashion designers, and out of their works, they had not only appeared on the red carpet of the Golden Horse, Golden Bell, and Golden Melody Awards worn by celebrities, but also featured in various international stages, such as uniform for Chinese Taipei in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and worldwide brands collaborations. Excellent designers, including Justin Chou, Austin Wu, Li Ling Wang, Jerry Hsieh, Jenn Lee and more have even successfully debuted in New York, Paris, London, Shanghai and other fashion weeks. Moreover, the winner of 2019 Gold Award Allen Ko's fashionwear also appeared on the New York Times Square billboard, showing Taiwan’s outstanding designing talents to the world. Since the beginning of the annual “Taipei Fashion Week”, many of the annual award-winning designers have also been successfully chosen to participate in it, bridging a higher promotion between the designers and government, so as to proclaim the soft power of fashion design in Taipei.
 This year's “Fashion In Taipei” event invited the winner of the Best Hakka Album in the 32nd Golden Melody Awards“ ChuNoodle”, to perform live music wearing the fashionwear of Bob Jian, winner of 2017 Gold Award, to support the designers' endeavor during the COVID-19 pandemic.
 The 9 finalists this year had used innovative techniques and imagination to create their own fashion collection according to the theme "My Era" and to showcase the era what they believe through a story-telling fashion collection.
 The 9 finalists' fashion works have wonderfully displayed the theme of this year's competition. In the end, Shao Kai Hong's “interspace” and Phoenix Yang's “Dragonfly Lady” won the Merit Award, Chun Xiang Tang's “CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION” won the Silver Award and Wendy Lin's “Reminiscence” stood out amongst the designs and received the long-awaited Gold Award. More matchmaking fairs will be provided to these winners to further cultivation and promotion in cross-industry. For more information, of “2021 Fashion In Taipei Competition” is live streamed on “Facebook Fan Page of TCOOC”( https://www.facebook.com/tcooc/ ), available for everyone.
Attachment 1. 2021 “Fashion In Taipei” Finalists’ Design
Attachment 2. 2020 “Fashion In Taipei” Gold Award Winner Bella Hsia’s Design
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