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List of Internet Celebrities for “Trending Tasty Taipei” is Announced!

  Taipei City Government is going to hold the event “Trending Tasty Taipei” from October 22th to 24th in 2019. Eight internet celebrities around the world are invited to join this amazing event. List of Internet Celebrities are now announced as attached.
  The purpose of this event is to promote distinctive global cuisine culture and variety exceptional restaurants in Taipei by posting on social media. Eight internet celebrities are going to interact with famous local Internet celebrities, chefs and gourmets. Taipei City Government Mayor Ko Wen-je will join this event together. Mayor Ko is currently the widely known internet celebrity in Taiwan with over 1.9 million fans on Facebook, and over 970 thousand fans on Instagram.
  It will be a very appealing gourmet trip. Let’s look forward to this gorgeous event and taste the trending cuisine in Taipei!
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