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Taipei Animal Shelter is closed during Chinese New Year holiday

Chinese New Year holiday is the longest public holiday in Taipei Animal Shelter. Although Chinese New Year holiday is closed to the public, there are still staffs on duty to take care of the animals, including veterinarians, animal managers, assistants, and cleaning staffs. They are responsible for the care of the dogs and cats in the animal shelter, clean the cages, and regularly take the dogs out for walks.

The Taipei City Animal Protection Office said that in order to improve animal welfare, it will be continuing on software and hardware facilities to create a new animal containment environment. It is hoped that citizens will give support and encouragement to the first-line hard-working staffs, and also thank the volunteers giving with enthusiasm, patience and selfless dedication throughout the year, so that Taipei Animal Shelter is full of love and warmth! In the future, hope that everyone could help the shelter animals having warm homes.

Welcome to adopt the dogs and cats after the Chinese New Year, they are still waiting for you in the animal shelter. The Taipei City Animal Protection Office invites citizens to visit the animal shelter and take them home, they will accompany you in the beautiful future days!