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Jinlong Village, Neihu District Is the First to Add New Strength to "TAS Love for Stray Animals" Adoption Site Program

To allow people to adopt Taipei Animal Shelter (TAS) animals from more places, Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO) added village offices to the list of its "TAS Love for Stray Animals" Adoption Site Program in 2022. Taking the lead in responding to the call, Village Warden Cheng, Yun-chiang of Jinlong Village, Neihu District turns his office to be the first Village Office Adoption Station in Taipei City. Today (Oct. 3), Commissioner Lin, Chung-chieh of Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government, TCAPO Director Chen, Ying-hao, Chairman Wang, Wei-chih and Secretary General Ho, Tsung-hsun of Taiwan Animal Protection Administration Oversight Committee inaugurated the Jinlong Village Office Adoption Station together. Two cute cats, namely "Toyichi" and "Ange", are moved and sheltered here in a hope to find a new home in the neighborhood.

Commissioner Lin, Chung-chieh of Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government stated that Taipei City has launched the "TAS Love for Stray Animals" program since 2018, hoping that private sectors can help find new homes more quickly for the cats and dogs sheltered by the TAS. “Although we have had so far 18 units including pet shops, pet hotels, comic shops and hair salons to work with us, we hope to add more adoption points to make it even easier for people to adopt dogs and cats. Thus, we amended the "TAS Love for Stray Animals" program on September 19, 2022, adding the village office as a partner unit. In addition, to reduce the burden of partner units in caring for animals, TCAPO will not only subsidize pet food but will also send veterinarians to continuously monitor and give healthcare to those temporarily sheltered dogs and cats in the partner unit. Animals adopted from the village office will also enjoy life-long free rabies vaccination and a number of adoption benefits. We hope that under the leadership of Jinlong Village Office, more village offices will become the adoption site so as to build up a friendly animal neighborhood, helping the stray animals to be adopted more quickly,” said Commissioner Lin.

The cat "Toyichi", who now stays at Jinlong Village Office has stayed at TAS for more than 2 years. She is a little fat girl with tabby and a fleshy belly. She likes to be touched and acts like a spoiled child. Poor "Ange" was once adopted but disliked and returned to TAS again. It is hoped that someone will give Ange a second chance soon.

TCAPO added that before adopting animals, people must evaluate their suitability, such as whether they are adults, whether they have sufficient living spaces, whether they have basic economic ability, and whether the family and roommates who live with them agree. After adopting an animal, the owner must always maintain love, patience and care, give it enough companionship as well as dietary care, protect its health and never abandon it. An adopter who successfully adopts a dog and/or a cat from the adoption station under the "TAS Love for Stray Animals" program will get the same animal care benefits as those from TAS, including not only free life-long rabies vaccine injections for the dog and the cat but also free mixed multivalent vaccinations for a lifetime and health check-up benefits every 2 years if the dog or the cat is over 7 years old or sheltered for more than 1 year. Citizens can visit the Taipei Animal Shelter in Neihu District to learn more about cats and dogs. For more information on adopting animals, please join the TAS Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/tcapo.tas) or check the TCAPO official website (https://www.tcapo.gov.taipei/).