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It is hoped that each dog and cat in Taipei Animal Shelter can have a new home, and new homes for adopting animals will be provided for those who have lived for more than 3 years, or mature dogs and cats over 7 years old, will receive a medical voucher of NT$ 5,000, limited to 5 lucky people.
The Free medical voucher is available for mature dogs and cats adopter and covers the full cost of a companion animal's medical measures at participating veterinary hospitals. As long as the medical items used in the adoption of dogs and cats can be deducted from the cost. Including microchipping , vaccinations, cleaning up wounds, etc.
Taipei City Animal Protection Office offers a program for pet owners to receive a discount on any medical measures by free medical voucher and scheduling an appointment with one of our participating Veterinarians. Prices can vary greatly and pricing is set by the Veterinarian, not Taipei City Animal Protection Office. Please follow instructions on the voucher to ensure discounted pricing.
For more information on adoption, please check the official website of the Animal Protection Department or join the "Taipei Animal Shelter" fan page (https://www.facebook.com/tcapo.tas).