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Taipei Animal Shelter will be closed from 1/31 to 2/4 during Chinese New Year.

        The Chinese New Year of 2022 is coming, and Taipei Animal Shelter (TAS) will be closed on New Year’s Eve (1/31) and reopen to public on 2/5. Even though TAS will be close to visitors during Chinese New Year, still, there will be at least 21 staff members on duty to maintain cleanness of shelter and taking care of seriously ill dogs and cats every day during Chinese New Year. Those staff members include attending veterinarians, veterinary assistants, animal controller, animal behavior trainer, and cleaners; the food storage is more than sufficient and which assures dogs and cats of TAS can enjoy big meals during Chinese New Year.   
        The Chinese New Year holiday of 2022 last for 9 days. Even though TAS will be closed for 5 days, there will be another 4 days (1/29, 1/30, 2/5/ and 2/6) that TAS still open to public during Chinese New Year holiday. Please check our website ( https://reurl.cc/dXGlNg ) if you are interested in adoption or seeking for lost pets during the period. 
        Taipei City Animal Protection Office urges people to register their pets before Chinese New Year since the occurrence of losing pets if often seen during Chinese New Year. TAS also encourages people to adopt pets before Chinese New Year and bring new family member to your New Year’s gatherings. If you want to be informed about new residents of TAS for adoption, please join our Facebook at ( https://www.facebook.com/tcapo.tas ).