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The cold current is on the way!Cold resistance in Taipei Animal Shelter!

  The cold current hits! The Central Weather Bureau has issued a cold surge advisory for Taiwan, including an orange signal for temperatures below 6 ℃ in 16 counties and cities. As the low temperature and heavy humidity in the northern Taiwan make it extremely cold. And cold resistance immediately activated to keep dogs and cats warm and comfortable.
    Taipei Animal Shelter is located beside the Keelung River band. It is often as low as 5 ℃ in recent cold currents. Taipei City Animal Protection Office made an inventory of stock on hand of warming equipment when winter was just come and purchased a batch of electric heaters immediately for the needs of animals to keep warm . Except electric heaters, there are towels, clothes and sheets to make sure our furry friends feel warm. The staff of Taipei Animal Shelter increase the frequency of patrolling to make sure that the fuzzy, furry friends are properly taken good care. The volunteers of  Taipei Animal Shelter brought lots of nutritional supplements and warm blankets for furry friends.
    There are some little tips to make sure our furry friends well, always remember to keeping your dog safe throughout the cold current: Dry off wet and muddy dogs after walks and make sure they have a cosy bed to return to which is away from any cold draughts. It’s a good idea to take a dry towel with you on walks to dry off your dog should they get wet. Just like humans, dogs that are particularly young or old can suffer more in sub-zero temperatures. The same goes for those with ongoing health issues, as their immune system is less effective in fighting off potential illness as a result of the cold weather. If your dog falls into one of these categories, pay extra attention to their welfare during cold, snowy snaps and always ensure they have a warm, dry space to sleep and rest in. Lastly, and also the most important, use electric heating equipments carefully to avoid any unexpected accidents.

    For more information on adoption, please check the official website of the Animal Protection Department or join the "Taipei Animal Shelter" fan page (https://www.facebook.com/tcapo.tas).