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This bureau is affiliated to the Taipei City Government and is the first-level agency of the government. It has 1 Commissioner, 2 Deputy Director General, 1 Chief Secretary, 2 Senior Specialist and 1 Senior Technical Specialist. There are 4 departments, 1 center and 5 rooms, budget. The number of posts is 180 .

The headquarters of the bureau includes 1 Commissioner, Deputy Director General (2 persons), Chief Secretary, Senior Specialist (2 persons), Senior Technical Specialist, secretaries, technicians, staff members and workers.

The posts of the various units of this Council are as follows:

Comprehensive Planning DivisionIndustry development planning, comprehensive research and evaluation polices,  promoting public service, legal system business and mobilization for disaster prevention.
Industry and Business DivisionResponsible for industry developing strategy scheme, industry guidance, investment encouraging, investment rewarding, and industry registration and supervise commerce administration affair.
Public Utilities DivisionSupervise and manage public utilities affair, supervise water and electricity installation industry, To test fuel gas tube installation mechanic, groundwater and hot spring resource management, administration supervision of business and market management.
Agricultural Development DivisionAgriculture, Fishery and farmer group guidance, agriculture promotion, farm land management, agriculture material and equipment management, supervise green community and animal protection administration affair.
Hi-Tech   Promotion Center,
Department of Economic Development,
  Taipei City
Responsible for planning and promoting our city’s technology industry and biotechnology industry development strategy, Science park company guidance, supervise the service and guidance of small and medium sized enterprises.
  Taipei City Market
Administration Office
Responsible for retail sale, market and vendor management, agriculture product current price information and inquiry.
  Taipei City Office of CommerceResponsible for company and Profit Seeking Enterprise registration, business guidance and management.
  Taipei City Animal
Protection Office
Responsible for animal infectious disease prevention, pet register management, animal and people mutual infectious disease examination, animal incinerate, medical care promotion, dog adoption.