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Taipei Station Underground Shopping Mall

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Taipei Station Underground Shopping Mall is located right underneath Zhongxiao W.Rd., between Nangyang St. and Chongqing S. Rd. It is convenient for travelers to have marvelous shopping experience as the mall is situated in among Taiwan's Railway Station and MRT Station. Covering a total area of 3,155.39 square meters, the mall has 17 stores and 6 squares, providing travelers and people living in Taipei a better shopping choice.

Station Front Metro Mall

Station Front Metro Mall 1

Location Location:
No.50, Sec.1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City.
Mrt MRT:
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Exit, Taipei Main Station , Danshui Line or Bannan Line.
Bux Bus:
Taipei Main Station(Zhongxiao Exit)
14, 5, 202, 202(Shuttle), 205, 212, 212-StraightLine, 218, 218-StraightLine, 22, 220, 220-StraightBus, 232, 232-SubLine, 246, 247, 253, 257, 260, 260(Shuttle), 262, 262-UntreadLine, 265, 265-R, 265-L, 265(Shuttle), 274, 276, 299, 299(Shuttle), 307, 310, 39, 39-NightBus, 49, 527, 539, 604, 605, 605-SubLine, 605-XinTaiWuLine, 652, 659, ZhongXiao New MainLine, BL1