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What’s the potential of geothermal power generation?

The interior of Earth is like a fireball. The average radius of Earth is about 6,371 km, and the temperature of geocentric is 3,000 to 6,000 Celsius degrees. The temperature of Earth increases 30 Celsius degrees every kilometer from the crust to the interior, according to this temperature gradient, it’s about 300 Celsius degrees in 10 kilometers underground. However, the temperature gradient across the crust is not the same, and the natural hot water or steam with the value of mining is majorly 3~5 km under the curst.

According to some research reports abroad, about 2.4×1017 Kcal geothermal power loses in air from the crust every year, equivalent to 1.68×1011 barrels of crude oil, and total crude oil supplied in the world is only 3.19×1010 barrels in 2010. According to WEA (2007), geothermal power has the most utilization coefficient in all kinds of energy. There are 8,760 hours in a year, and geothermal power can operate for 6,300 hours in a year, and the utilization rate of some advanced generators is as high as 85%~95%.