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What are the criteria for applying for the incentives & subsidies of the Taipei Municipal Self-Governance Ordinance to Promote Industrial Development?

The eligibility of investors is determined in accordance with the scale of the enterprise and the nature of the investment plan, and if they conform to one of the following criteria:

  1. Incentive application is applicable for a new investment or capital increase for expansion of a small and medium sized enterprise conforming to one of the following items:
    A. With an investment of NT$1 million and above directly related to facilities or technologies for innovation, improving management and services.
    B. Investment project deemed to be innovative, characteristic or has the potential for development after review and evaluation.

  2. Incentive application is applicable when the actual capital is NT$80 million and above for companies with new investment or a capital increase, and must invest in the management of one of the following industries:
    A. Recreation & tourism industry
    B. Biotechnology industry
    C. Information service industry
    D. Telecommunications industry
    E. Cultural creative industry
    F. Medical care industry
    G. Sport & leisure industry
    H. Conference & exhibition industries
    I. Renewable energy industry
    J. Other industries promoted and counseled by city government