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Should the natural gas corporates be required to install natural gas pipelines and facilities?

  1. According to natural gas corporate articles approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, natural gas corporates shall be responsible for the installation of pre-meter pipeline and facilities, and natural gas corporates or natural gas utilities pipeline installation companies shall install the pipeline inside the meter area, emergency shut-off valve and relevant devices. Users can hire natural gas utilities pipeline installation companies to carry out the installation and alteration work according to the following requirements:
    1. The design drawing and specification of materials shall be approved by the natural gas corporate before the installation can be started.
    2. The installation company shall inform the natural gas corporates of completion, with the as-completed plan and 3D drawing of pipelines for inspection.
    3. After passing the inspection and obtaining the certificate of conformance, the gas company can start to supply natural gas.
  1. The Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government, has posted the list of qualified natural gas utilities pipeline installation companies on the website for public reference.