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How to follow the room temperature standard of “Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance for Guidance, Assistance, and Administration of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction to Industry and Commerce”?

  1. The regulation of 26℃ means “room temperature” instead of “air-condition setting temperature”, so controllers can adjust air-conditioners according to the number of people.
  2. If we want to keep average room temperature above 26℃, we should confirm whether the temperature censors’ position is right. For example, if the censors are interfered by heat emitters or air-conditioned room is so large that the censors are difficult to posit on the height of human activity area because the conduction distance is too long for the air-conditioner to accurately control the temperature. Other reasons such as censors inaccuracy and disorder cause air-conditioner compressors to operate abnormally and lower room temperature.
  3. We suggest the operators to adjust temperature sensors to be consistent with room temperature. If the censors are too difficult to adjust, the operators can prepare simple thermometers in human activity areas to adjust the difference between air-condition setting temperature and room temperature.