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The Expo Dome of Taipei Expo Park Lights up Taipei Universiade Smartly

In order to support 2017 Taipei Universiade, and at the same time to respond to the City Government’s policies in energy saving and carbon reduction as well as the promotion of Smart City, Lite-On Technology Corporation has donated 324 lamps of LED and its intelligent control service system to the Taipei Expo Foundation, making Taipei Expo Dome the first stadium which has the functions of energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent control simultaneously in Taiwan. The stadium put into formal use for the Billiard’s Demonstration Competition. The audience may download the APP to receive instant information such as the amount of people in the stadium, the locations of exhibition booths, the quality of air as well as the humidity (including the index of PM 2.5 and CO/CO2). This year, in the Billiard Competition, a whole new experience of watching the game will be provided for the audience.

Energy-saving Lamps + Intelligence System Bring the Vision of Future Applications for “Smart MICE”

This time, the 324 lamps of LED donated by Lite-On Technology Corporation will be used to replace the previous metal halide lamps in Expo Dome. Before, 1000 Watts would be consumed, and with LED lamps, only 645 Watts would be consumed. With the brighter lights generated by LED, the Expo Dome would only need 10% of power in comparison with the precious metal halide lamps. It is estimated that by using LED lamps, the energy consumption would be reduced over 30%. Moreover, the switch of lights and the brightness can be controlled remotely by cellphones, thus no field operation is needed. The brightness can be adjusted for different needs, so the long-term power consumption can be avoided and the energy can be saved.

In addition to the sponsorship of lamps, Lite-On Technology Corporation has installed sensors for the lamps in the stadium, not only using them to collect data on site but also to expand the applications of this smart system in cooperation with the Taipei Expo Foundation even after Taipei Universiade. Automatic control of lights, the people flow control and route planning may all be analyzed by the collected data provided by the Expo Dome for its future exhibitors in making better events, which will also serve as the new drives for the Taipei Expo Foundation in promoting“Smart MICE.”

The CEO of Taipei Universiade, Su Li-Chiung said that, during the Taipei Universiade, in order for more people to know about the history of Universiade and to participate in the events of Universiade, “Univsersiade Park” and “Universiade Museum” were established in Yuan-Shan Square of Expo Park, right next to the Expo Dome. The audience for Taipei Universiade and people coming to visit Expo Park are encouraged to experience the special atmosphere of Universiade. Su also gave her great thanks to Lite-On Corporation for its assistance. With the support from many different types of corporations, she believed that the Universiade would definitely be successful and would end in a satisfactory way, and she expected that the applications of “Smart MICE” would leap forward to the next step in making the whole industry of MICE prosper in the new era.

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