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The major policies of 2018

The 2018 Annual Governance Focus and Plan of Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government

Create an open and friendly city that supports unlimited imaginations.

Promote sustainable development of the industries and improve the citizens' life qualities.

III.Governance Focus:
  1. First, to create urban industrial corridors in order to promote industrial clustering effects; to promote international economic and trade exchanges, to actively attract investment and assist enterprises to expand to the international markets.
  2. Second, to provide multi-reward subsidies and financing measures, to advise enterprises to invest in innovative ideas as well as to improve entrepreneurial counseling services, to build an innovative and entrepreneurial environment to make Taipei City a cradle of entrepreneurship.
  3. Third, to enhance the environmental quality of the traditional markets, to build a credible trading environment, to strengthen food and health security, and to shape the city's high-quality markets.
  4. Fourth, to develop exquisite, organic and leisure agriculture, to establish local agricultural product brand characteristics, to implement organic agricultural product inspection, to give advice to farmers' groups, and to promote green economy; to cooperate with civil organizations and farmers' associations to jointly promote pastoral cities and enhance urban agricultural economic benefits.
  5. Fifth, to enhance the adoption of dogs and cats for the benefit of the people and to promote the friendly space for animals in the city; to implement wild animal management and conservation and to maintain the natural ecological environment; to strengthen the monitoring and prevention of epidemic situation, to implement street dog TNVR and street cat TCCP and to create an animal-friendly city.
  6. Sixth, to promote the use of renewable energy to improve the efficiency of energy application; to strengthen the supervision and management of the public gas business and the safe maintenance of storage equipment, and to implement the safety inspections for public natural gas users.
  7. Seventh, to construct a convenient and safe business environment, to combine with the participation of people to promote the development of the characteristic business circle industry, to create the city's cuisines, fashion & handicraft industry brands, and to shape the city style of convenience, friendliness, and wisdom.

Ⅳ.Prioritized Governance Projects


  1. First, strengthening the chain of industrial corridors and upgrading the industrial clustering effect; promoting international economic and trade exchanges, and actively attracting investment and assisting enterprises to expand to international markets.
    • Continue to promote the Neihu Technology Park 2.0 Project and Nangang Biotechnology Industry Cluster Development Project, to introduce the park's innovative energy, to drive the industrial innovation and upgrade, and to connect with the global industrial development trend.
    • Handling international economic and trade development plans, including trade expansion, foreign investment service, and international talents exchange, constructing the internationalization of the city's economic and trade environment, and promoting technology, talents and capital exchanges in attracting investment in the city as well as improving the output of the city's high value-added industries.

  2. Second, providing multi-reward subsidies and financing measures, counseling enterprises to invest in innovative ideas, improving entrepreneurial counseling services, building an innovative and entrepreneurial environment, and creating the Taipei City as the cradle of entrepreneurship.
    • Continue to provide more diverse and professional consultation and counseling for entrepreneurs to enhance the chances of successful business in the city and to increase their competitiveness. Organizing entrepreneurial activities to promote diverse creative ideas, guiding various types of innovative industries, enhancing the visions of startup teams, and building Taipei into a cradle of entrepreneurship.
    • Promoting the city's new startup companies to connect with the international markets, driving the development of more emerging industries, enhancing the city's visibility in the global entrepreneurial field, making Taipei the first choice for international entrepreneurs to move forward to Asia and forming its indispensable role in the international innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  3. Third, improving the environmental quality of traditional markets, building a safe shopping space; improving the inspection mechanism of agricultural products, strengthening food safety management; introducing a modern business model to shape the city's high-quality markets.
    • To improve the markets' software and hardware facilities, to shape the internal management culture of the markets, to create a clean and bright market, and to build a quality shopping environment.
    • Continuously coaching the operators to manage themselves, handling the night market joint inspections and assisting the night market vendors to self-discipline and to enroll in the “Taipei Food Registration Platform," strengthening the checking on illegal slaughtering and improving the agricultural product inspection mechanism to improve food safety.