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From its simplest beginnings to the ongoing explorations in genetics, biotechnology has been at the foundation of developments in human society. Landmark biotechnological discoveries of the past continue to affect our everyday lives: For example, improvements in the breeding of animal and plant species, food processing and production and the development of new medicines in our war against diseases. Never before, however, has a discovery had such a potentially profound influence on human life as today's DNA recombinant and gene analysis techniques.


The characteristics of the biotech industry are typical of knowledge-based economic industries, delivering seemingly unbounded opportunities for improving the quality of human life and enhancing economic competitiveness. Taipei City has the resources to foster an environment in which, guided by innovative research and development, the biotechnology industry will develop the most important end product, knowledge. We believe that this industry has the potential to provide employment opportunities, to improve the quality of our industries, to enhance the city's competitiveness and to play a key role in our domestic economic prosperity.


To develop a thriving biotechnology industry, several factors are main. These include sizeable research institutes, outstanding models of success, people with technological skills, venture capital, sound infrastructures and a spirit of entrepreneurship.