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Industry and Business Division

    1. Industrial Development Strategy
    2. Factory Registration and Inspection
    3. Certification of Movables Mortgages
    4. Tax Reduction and Exemption
    5. Industry Consultation
    6. Private Investment Promotion

Public Utilities Division

    1. Supervision of natural gas companies in the jurisdiction.
    2. Supervision of the maintenance of gas tanks, pressure regulating stations and pipes and readiness of precautionary facilities of natural gas companies in the jurisdiction.
    3. Supervision of periodic security checks enforced by natural gas companies in the jurisdiction.
    4. Provision of information about barreled natural gas retail prices for reference.
    5. Delegation of examination and certification of gas pipe technicians.
    6. Registration and management of establishment, alteration and abolition of contract electrical appliance installers, electricity use equipment inspection and maintenance service providers, self-use Power Generation Equipment.
    7. Administration of permission of gas station establishment, verification of operation permission and other relevant managerial affairs.
    8. Clampdown on illegal oil products.
    9. Clampdown on illegal operation and registration of groundwater water rights by "Water Act" and "Regulations on Groundwater Conservation"
    10. Update and maintenance of basic hot springs resources data.
    11. Promotion of hot spring area geological landscape and enjoyment projects.
    12. Utilization of "management fund for hot spring resources" and practice of hot spring access fee earmarking, in order to facilitate sustainable development and utilization of hot spring resources.
    13. Administration of industry and commerce energy evaluation and assistance, energy saving propagation and appraisal, energy saving product promotion and so on.
    14. Encouragement of photovoltaic system installations on schools and industrial and commercial buildings, in order to facilitate the utilization of renewable energy.

 Agricultural Development Division

    1. Agricultural Development
    2. Agricultural Organizations
    3. Agricultural Licenses
    4. Agricultural Credit Institutions
    5. Agricultural Security
    6. Agricultural Materials
    7. 2010 International Gardening & Horticulture Exposition

Hi-tech Promotion Center

    1. Technology Parks Development Strategy
    2. Technology Parks Inspection
    3. Technology Parks Services
    4. Service Counter for Small and Medium Enterprise Service Center(S.M.E.)Consulting
    5. Professional Advice
    6. Financial Consulting
    7. S.M.E. Training Courses
    8. Biotech Industry Promotion