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Department of Economic Development

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Agricultural Development Division

Responsible Unit: Agricultural Development Division
Address: North Wing 1F, No.1 Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei, 110, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Service lines: For callers in Taipei City, please dial 1999#6578~6603 for the Citizen Hotline. For callers outside of Taipei City, please dial 02-27208889#6578~6603
Fax: 2759-6010

 1. Agricultural Development

    • Advancing Agricultural Plan(s)
    • Agriculture Production and Marketing
    • Entertainment farm guidance

 2. Agricultural Organizations

    • Consulting and Managing Agricultural Association(s)
    • Marketing and Consulting Agriculture
    • Executing Irrigation General Business
    • Executing Irrigation Priority Business
    • Administrating Registration of Agricultural Foundation(s)
    • Consulting Agricultural Foundation(s)

 3. Agricultural Licenses

    • Farming condition investigation and check/ report/ salvation of natural disaster of agriculture product
    • The adjustment of paddy field and upland utilization
    • Fisheries Management
    • Business of Agricultural Land
    • Application of the certificate of farmland used as agriculture
    • Agriculture land (change) checking
    • Application of the certificate of agriculture structure
    • Application of farmhouse
    • Application of Entertainment Farm
    • Production of rice and fellow guidance
    • Subsidy of imposed use land’s crop
    • Crop Pest Management
    • Control population Outbreaks of wild rats

 4. Agricultural Credit Institutions

    • Executing Agricultural Financial Service
    • Executing Agricultural Insurance Service

 5. Animal Health Supervising and Consulting

    • Supervising and Consulting Animal Quarantine

 6. Agriculture Security

    • Pesticide Residue Detection of fruits and vegetables products
    • Deal with Against Regulations about vegetable and fruit products Pesticide Residue
    • Monitoring and Management of Heavy Metal Contamination on Crops

 7. Agriculture Material

    • License for businessman to sell pesticide CAS
    • Sampling inspection management of pesticide
    • The Plant Seed Enterprise Registration
    • Sampling inspection management of the plant seed
    • Sampling inspection management of fertilizer

 8. 2010 International Gardening & Horticulture Exposition

    • Construction Management
    • Construction Engineering
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Culture and Arts
    • Transportation Planning