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Quanyuan Park Feet Soaking Pool Area

Beitou Quanyuan Park has a stable hot spring water resource. The Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government provides the citizens with a free "Feet Soaking Experience Park" that combines leisure and intellectuality for the sustainable use of environmental resources.

The citizens can take the MRT to Beitou Station, then take the MRT branch line to Xinbeitou Station. After walking out of the MRT Plaza, you can see Zhonghe Street, then turn left along Zhonghe Street by walking straight on Zhuhai Road. By passing through Quanyuan Park and Huang-Guang Stream, about 10 to 15 minutes walking, you would arrive at the " Quanyuan Park Feet Soaking Pool Area," which is opposite to the Yi-Fang Elementary School.

Before entering the pool, visitors should wash their feet by the water pump set in the park, and then they can put their feet in the pool and relax comfortably.

The Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government has also set up shelters, safety rails, and storage areas for the public.

After soaking your feet, you can also walk to the old hot spring street next to the Xin-Beitou Station to see a series of attractions along Beitou Creek, such as Beitou Park, Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Beitou Open-air Hot Spring, Meiting, Beitou Library, Thermal Valley, Beitou Museum, etc.


The spring of the feet bath is similar to the green sulfur of Thermal Valley, which can promote metabolism. Welcome people to enjoy this free hot spring bathing pool.

Location & Map


No. 155, Zhuhai Road, Beitou District, Taipei (Opposite to the Yi-fang Elementary school)

Transportation Information:
(1)You may take the bus 小 28 from Beitou MRT Station and get off at the stop of Quanyuan Park.
小28Quan yuan Park0710、0750、0830、0910、0950、1030、1110、1150、1300、1400、1500、1540、1620、1700、1740、1820

(2)You may take the bus 230, 小7, 小22 and 小26 from Beitou MRT Station and get off at the stop of “Postal Training Institute.” From there you may walk for 200 meters to arrive at the Quanyuan park.
Postal Training Institute
Postal Training Institute
Postal Training Institute
Postal Training Institute