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Who are the natural gas suppliers and what are their service regions in Taipei City?

The natural gas suppliers in Taipei City are: “The Great Taipei Gas Corporation”, “Yang Ming Shan Gas Co., Ltd.”, “Shin Shin Natural Gas Co., Ltd.” and “Shin-Hu Natural Gas Co., Ltd.” Their respective service regions are as follows:

  1. The Great Taipei Gas Corporation: Mingshen and Fuhua Villages of Shilin District, as well as Zhongzheng, Da'an, Xinyi, Songshan, Zhongshan, Wanhua and Datong Districts
  2. Yang Ming Shan Gas Co., Ltd.: Beitou and Shilin Districts (except Mingshen and Fuhua Villages)
  3. Shin-Hu Natural Gas Co., Ltd.: Nangang and Neihu Districts
  4. Shin Shin Natural Gas Co., Ltd.: Wenshan District