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The regulations of natural gas basic monthly charge

  1. Under the current version of the natural gas charging system, developed by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), based on the principles of user charge and energy use efficiency, the monthly minimum usage quantity of natural gas was replaced by a basic monthly charge on Jan. 1, 2006. The total amount of a natural gas billing statement is simply the summation of the basic monthly charge and the charge calculated according to usage. The basic monthly charge is collected to cover the cost of service, operation and replacement of the gas meter’s outer pipe, which will not alter according to usage, use quantity, or price of natural gas. According to the MOEA, the basic monthly charge cannot be deducted from the usage charge since it reflects a fixed cost that should not be shifted to other users.
  2. The basic monthly charge is identical throughout Taiwan. Most users will pay 60 NTD for the use of 5-light (or lower) mechanical meters.
  3. An example: A four-member family uses 40 cubic meters of natural gas for two-month period; the charge will be as follows:
    1. Basic monthly charge: 60 (NTD/month)*2 months=120 (NTD)
    2. Usage charge: 40 (m3)*21.5 (NTD/ m3)=860 (NTD)
    3. The total charge is 120+860=980 (NTD)