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What are the measurements and results of industry and commerce energy saving and carbon reduction in Taipei City?

  1. Evaluation and assistance of energy-saving of industry and commerce:
    Evaluate and assist industry and commerce whose contract capacity is above 300kW in Taipei City with systems of air-condition, lighting, and heating …etc. The assisted objects include hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, ground streets, banks, residential and commercial buildings, automobile plants, and so on.
  2. Subsidize industry and commerce to invest energy usage improvement.
    In order to encourage industry and commerce in Taipei City to replace their facility with energy-efficient ones and reduce the pay-back period to elevate their willing to improve energy efficiency, Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government enforced "Guidelines for Energy-saving Performance Guarantee Promotion and Subsidy, Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government" on May 7th, 2010. Building management committees of residential or business buildings adopt energy improvement projects or replace facility with energy-efficient ones for over NT$500,000 and achieve 15% of expected energy-saving ratio, can apply to the Department for at most 30% of improvement expenditure as subsidy.
  3. Appraisal activity "Energy-saving Championship"
    Department of Environment Protection held "Energy-saving Championship" to evaluate autonomy energy-saving measurement for participants. Those evaluated as "Excellence" would be appraised publicly to be the models for energy saving and carbon reduction.
  4. Holding activity to encourage high-energy-consumption industry to save energy.
    Development of Economic Development held energy-saving award programs for high-energy-consuming industries such as hotels and department stores, and publicly awarded and praised those participants with effective and excellent measurement and performance of recycling and greening. We hope to make them the model for their industry and encourage others to follow the examples.
  5. Promoting energy-saving products and environment-friendly consumption.
    Department of Economic Development cooperated with over 300 major manufacturers and outlets of energy-saving products in Taipei City to establish energy-saving products shopping area, and encourage citizens to select energy-saving products by exhibition sales, sweepstakes and advertisements. Department of Economic Development commended outstanding stores to improve the efficiency of promotion.
  6. Examination of lighting facility and measurement of room temperature in businesses or work premises
    Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government made a circuit of major business cycles in Taipei City, as a total of 2,044 stores, to propagate the regulations of energy saving and carbon reduction, and examine the energy measurements of each examined business and work premises, such as facilities which prevent cool air from flowing out, adequate air-conditioned temperature, turning off arcade light during the day, high-efficient or electricity saving lamps usage, and so on. Department of Economic Development selected excellent energy-saving stores and gave them public recognition.
  7. Combination of the above, our measurements saved 125,000,000 kilowatt-hours and reduced 8.03 metric tons, equivalent to the carbon absorption of 215 Da-An Forest Parks.