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What are the industries or places exempted from 26 degrees Celsius regulation?

1. With products necessary to keep under low temperature.
(1) Area necessary to store the research and development experimental instrument and objects of medical biotechnology and electronics technology.
(2) Refrigerated warehousing and storage.
(3) Freezing and refrigeration are in the business areas (such as fresh fruits and vegetables area in the supermarkets) and low- temperature storage areas.
(4) Video tapes, audio tapes, films and electronic media storage areas.

2. To keep ordinary operation:
(1) Machine rooms of telecommunication, information or internet.
(2) Guest rooms of hotels.
(3) Film studios and viewing rooms of radio and television broadcasting.
(4) Ice pavilion or other performance places built by ice.
(5) Interior exercising and sports places, such as sports center, exercising rooms or arena.
(6) Performance places with over 200 fixed seats.

3. Places regulated by "Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance for Business Sanitation Administration.":
(1) Theaters, cabarets, ballrooms, playgrounds or other fixed places of business for watching, listening, singing or dancing.
(2) Fixed places of business for playing films (such as movie theaters).

4. Because of hot food serving and crowd influx in the rush hours, the room temperature is hard to maintain in that time. In order to keep the accuracy of measurement and justice of law enforcement, they will not measure the room temperature in meal time in the restaurants (7~9, 11~14 and 17~20).