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How does the staff from the natural gas company read the gas meter?

The natural gas company shall charge for gas usage with respect to the reading on the gas meter recorded by its staff on a monthly basis for commercial and service sector users and bi-monthly for households.

The details of process are described below:

  1. Commercial and service sector users:
    The natural gas company’s employee will visit and read the gas meter monthly.
  2. Household:
    The natural gas company’s employee will visit and read the gas meter every other month.
  3. The rules for reading the gas meter are as follows:
    1. If the gas meter is outside the house, the natural gas company’s employee will read the meter directly.
    2. If the gas meter is inside the house, there are several ways for recording the reading:
      1. A form will be attached outside the house for the users to write down the readings themselves.
      2. Submit the reading via the Internet, phone service or automatic telephone system.
      3. If the user did not submit the reading, the natural gas company will visit the house to read the meter or request the user to read the meter, or request the reading by telephone.
      4. If the natural gas company cannot obtain the gas meter reading using the above methods, according to the company’s business rules filed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, it can estimate the natural gas usage amount based on the average of at least three consecutive historical billing statements. If the user fails to provide the reading for more than 2 consecutive bills, the natural gas company can make an appointment with the user to read the gas meter, where the user must cooperate. Once the natural gas company has obtained the correct reading, it will recalculate the bill and deduct/add any overcharge or undercharge to the user’s next billing statement.