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How can you avoid fraudulent salesmen disguised as natural gas corporate personnel selling fake substandard gas switches?

The four natural gas suppliers in Taipei City provide free household pipeline safety inspections bi-annually. Consumers can refer to the following rules to distinguish natural gas personnel from members of fraudulent organizations:

  1. Consumers will receive written notices from natural gas corporations before any safety inspections. All corporate inspection specialists should wear their corporate ID cards for identification purposes.
  2. Please confirm the corporate name on the safety inspection checklist.
  3. Check consumer name and gas meter number with the inspection specialist before the safety inspection takes place.
  4. Consumers can refer to the customer service number on the gas bill to reconfirm the safety inspection event with your natural gas corporation in the area.
  5. If a replacement of equipment parts is necessary, a quotation should be provided by the corporate inspection specialist with no fees required on site. Further arrangement of replacement will be organized by the natural gas corporation accordingly, and the fee will be charged to the next bill.
  6. Please review the rules again as follows: (1) phone confirmation; (2) corporate name check; (3) no product hard push-selling and no payment on site.