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What’s the executive objects and fines of “Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance for Guidance, Assistance, and Administration of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction to Industry and Commerce”

1. The important of executive objects and fines are as the followings:
(1) No facilities which prevent cool air from flowing out: NT$10,000~30,000.
(2) Average air-conditioned temperature inside businesses and work premises below 26 degrees Celsius: NT$10,000~30,000.
(3) Newly fitted or replaced air conditioners or air-conditioning equipment below the EER standard announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs: NT$10,000~30,000.
(4) Switching on the Illumination equipment in the arcade during the day: NT$10,000~30,000.
(5) Indoor illumination exceeds CNS 12112: NT$10,000~30,000.
(6) Incandescent light utilization: NT$10,000~30,000.
(7) Refrigeration machines that reach the number prescribed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs but without individual electric meters and energy management staff to maintain and record: NT$20,000~50,000.
(8) Newly fitted or replaced boilers in Industry & Commerce, of which the total evaporation rate is 2 tons per hour or total heat input is above 1.53 million kcal without the equipment of combustion system or other energy-saving heat exchange system NT$30,000~50,000.
(9) Evasion, impediment or rejection of the staff of Taipei City Government to inspect, evaluate and advice on any matters related to this Self-Government Ordinance.

2. Any violation of the above will be notified to improve within a specified time frame by the City Government. Failure to make improvement within the specified time will result in repetitive punishments according to violations of each time.