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Top 10 Can't-Miss Creative Taiwanese Restaurants in Taipei

  Taipei City Government Recommends the 2019 Michelin Evaluation List to Include 10 Restaurants 

  To shape Taipei's image as a gourmet city, this year, with the theme of diversity and inclusivity of "Taiwanese cuisine," a hundred Taiwanese restaurants were chosen based on the recommendations of significant gourmet platforms, food experts and local masters. After confirming the will of the restaurants, the Taipei City launched the Top 10 Taiwanese restaurants in Taipei to give reference to the Michelin Evaluation next year.

  The recommended restaurants fully demonstrate the diverse characteristics of Taiwanese cuisine. "Ding Xian" combines the unique seafood dishes with the essence of Japanese and European cuisine. "Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne" fuses French style with wild French champagne in creating a new sense of food. "Grand View Resort Beitou -Chinese Cuisine" uses the ancient eight-style method to reproduce the lost taste of Taiwanese food. Being famous for its no-menu cuisine and heroic as well as straightforward style, "Qiao Wei Seafood Restaurant" has spread its reputation by gourmets and has attracted a lot of citizens. "Shin Tung Nan Seafood Restaurant" insists on using fresh fish and seafood in cooking. Providing a relaxing environment and new creativity that makes you feel like eating at home, "Shin Yeh Shiao Ju" meets the needs of different ages. "Shing Peng Lai" has attracted all nobles from different places to enjoy its cuisine for 60 years. "Taipei Non-Lai Restaurant" has won many awards and is run by the Master Chef, Huang Jinglong. "The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei-Formosa" combines the exquisite setting to make Taiwanese food not only snacks but decent banquets. Finally, "YiXing Pavilion" is a low-cost but high CP value restaurant, and it masterfully interweaves the tradition of local Taiwanese cuisine with the East-West fusion of creativity and memory.

Restaurant Name Website Featured Dishes
Ding Xian
https://reurl.cc/mdmoYM 台南擔仔麵(Tainan Danzai Noodles)、府城蝦捲花枝丸(Tainan Shrimp Rolls and Squid Balls)、歡喜福臨小湘粽 (Huan Xi Fu Lin Small Rice Dumplings)
Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne
https://goo.gl/sytgm8 白斬雞(Chopped Cold Chicken)、蜜棗煨肉(Simmered Meet with Candied Dates)
Grand View Resort Beitou -Chinese Cuisine
https://goo.gl/CPY9nn 古早味紅糟雞(Chicken in Ancient Fuchow Style)、牛腩米香煲(Beef Stew with Rice)
Qiao Wei Seafood Restaurant
https://goo.gl/pr9jzQ 蕃茄燴龍蝦(Lobster Stew with Tomatoes)、鵝肉拚透抽(Goose with Neritic Squid)
Shin Tung Nan Seafood Restaurant
https://goo.gl/JmNUg6 櫻花蝦炒飯(Sakura Shrimp Fried Rice)、白鯧米粉(White Pomfret with Rice Noodles)
Shin Yeh Shiao Ju
https://goo.gl/SuowP8 三杯豬腳(Pork Chop with Three Cups Sauce) 、果香烏魚子(Mullet roe with Fruit)、桔香雞花(Orange Chicken)
Shing Peng Lai
https://goo.gl/hk8Z2 排骨酥(Crispy Spare Rib)、佛跳牆 (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall)
Taipei Non-Lai Restaurant
https://goo.gl/Uqsdkr 水晶雞(Chicken in Aspic)、金沙排骨(Fried Ribs with Salted Egg Yolk)
The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei-Formosa
https://goo.gl/hdSh7Z 佛跳牆(Buddha Jumps Over the Wall)、菜脯蛋(Fried Eggs with Preserved Radish)、落地丁香(Fried Silver Herring with Peanut)、軟煎溜肉(Soft Fried Meat)、乾煎豬肝(Fried Pork Liver)、地瓜稀飯(Sweet Potato Congee)、翡翠魚炖(Emerald Fish Stew)
YiXing Pavilion
https://goo.gl/6nEe3z 佛跳牆(Buddha Jumps Over the Wall)、炸卜肉(Fried Tenderloin)、豬腦煎蛋(Scrambled Eggs with Pig Brains)