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The Best Dumpling Goes To? Taipei Traditional Market Festival to Kick Off this Weekend

      The annual Taipei Traditional Market Festival is kicking off. This year’s theme is “Best Dumpling Feast,” targeting white-collar customers and dumpling gourmets. Joining the press conference today (4/7) include a total of 15 market vendors, whose expertise ranges from dumpling fillings to dumpling wrappers. These vendors will be competing for the honor of the Best Dumpling in Taipei Traditional Markets in the event on 4/10 (Sat.). Taipei Traditional Market Festival will take place on 4/10 and 4/11 at Taipei Expo Park. People are welcome to join the vendors, savor the glamor of the markets and explore exclusive discounts and gifts.

        When it comes to everyday meals, dumplings with a variety of fillings and chewy textures are many people’s top choice. The selection category of “Best Vendor of the Best” category this year is Best Dumpling of the Market, joined with over 20 well-known vendors in Taipei’s traditional markets, including second-generation Guan-Fu Yi Yuan Dumpling which has won golden award of noodle category, Sin-Fu Duo Jiao She known for its array of creative colorful dumplings, Jhong-Shan Chu Kuang Dumpling, Si-Hu Swagger Mommy Dumpling etc. All vendors will be competing for the honor of the Best Dumpling in Taipei’s traditional markets, and one of them will be crowned the Best Dumpling Vendor.

        Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said Taipei City Government has been striving to transform the image of traditional markets in recent years through measures such as market renovations, improvement program, vendor transformations and mobile payment introduction. The theme of Taipei Traditional Market Festival this year is “Pick Your Lifestyle,” presenting rich information about traditional markets, bringing people into Taipei’s traditional markets and conveying the idea that “Traditional markets are more than a building-landscape; they belong to the life of every citizen.”

        Based on the theme of Taipei Traditional Market Festival this year, the subject for the Best of the Best competition will be dumplings, one of the most common food in markets. The vendors are fully prepared with a few tricks up their sleeves: having won the golden award for the Best of the Best multiple times, Duo Jiao She from Sin Fu Market presents their specialty “scallop dumplings” stuffed with top scallop from Japan and wrapped with exclusive wrappers seasoned with spinach. Having won Shokunin Championship for Japanese Dumplings, Tseng Dumpling from Da Jhih Market present fresh dumplings made of straight-from-source peeled chili peepers, which has landed them into various food guides. Let’s Laksa from Jhong Lun Market, a newbie in the competition, introduces exotic Laksa dumplings made of splendid ingredients including pandan leaves, home-made Laksa sauce, coconut milk and bok choy.

        2021 Taipei Traditional Market Festival will take place on 4/10 and 4/11 at Yuanshan Plaza, Taipei Expo Park, featured with an array of well-known market vendors for participants to try out market gourmets across Taipei City. Discounts for Best Market Dumplings are available at the event, where participants may bring home NT$10 dumplings with EasyWallet or EasyCard payment. In support of going green, organic produce will be given out to those who bring their own non-plastic bags at the info desk (Only limited quantity of gifts are available each day while stocks last). Other discounts and gifts await people to explore in the event. Due to COVID-19 prevention, all participants are required to complete real-name registration and wear masks. For more detailed information, please visit Taipei Traditional Market Festival official Facebook page .