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2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Starts Selling Its Commemorative Stamps

  In order for the athletes, staff and stamp-collecting fans coming from the rest of world to gather stamps for memorizing, Chunghwa Post CO., Ltd. issued “2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Commemorative Stamps.” The stamps started issuing on 8/16. The Chunghwa Post also published the commemorative album, limited stamp-issuing ceremony commemorative cards, 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade style convenience box, Universiade Postmarks…, etc. Citizens are encouraged to grab the chance to collect them.

  The Chunghwa Post was named “Taiwan Post Administration” and belonged to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. In order to make a breakthrough beyond the limits in management, it was reorganized on January 1, 2003, and was incorporated as Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd., a corporation 100 % owned by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. The account of Chunghwa Post has been the first account for many people, and the corporation is highly trusted by the elderly. Furthermore, Chunghwa Post is the most widespread financial institute in Taiwan, and there are around 370 post offices. The services provided by Chunghwa Post advance with times, including investment, insurance, home delivery, express delivery and the sales of daily necessities, which are very comprehensive.

  To show the support for the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade, the Executive Committee of Universiade and Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. co-hosted the publishing ceremony of “2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Commemorative Stamps” at the 1st floor courtyard of Taipei City Government. The illustrations on stamps are designed based on the popular competing events of Taiwan with cute styles, including one set of 8 stamps (5 dollars for 4 pieces and 15 dollars for 4 pieces) and one souvenir sheet (25 dollars). The former has 800,000 sets and the latter has 700,000 sets in stock. People can start purchasing until stock lasts. Also, Chunghwa Post has released convenience boxes in different sizes, including long-sized for 13,500 pieces, small-sized for 20,000 pieces, and the Universiade stamp folio for 6,000 pieces, especially designed for the Taipei Universiade. The Unisersiade Stamps can be collected by people at every post office around Taiwan. During the event period, Chunghwa Post dispatches staff to base in the Athletes' Village to provide services for athletes. The Taipei Branch of Chunghwa Post would set up the temporary office on the days of opening and closing ceremony to provide participants with gift envelopes, postcard collecting and sending service, as well as stamp sales, products exhibition and commemorative postmark services. From 8/23 to 8/28, the main stadium of Universiade in Taipei will provide postal service until the day of closing ceremony.

  At the press conference, the Taipei Uniersiade Mascot Bravo, OhBear of Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Transportation and Communications, as well as the Post Baby of Chunghwa Post, gathered together on stage to perform the Good Friends Exercise, Freestyle, to open the prelude of the ceremony. The Taipei Universiade postcards were given out for free, and the participants would write down their encouraging words for Taiwanese athletes to perform well and get trophies, then the postmen would bring the postcards to the Athletes' Village. The temporary post office was set up on site to provide stamp service and the limited commemorative cards of the ceremony, making the service all around.

  The CEO of Taipei Universiade, Su Li-Chiung said: “The 2017 Taipei Universiade has received huge support from all sectors of community; especially the commemorative stamps designed by Chunghwa Post have become the best marking tools for the Universiade. It also increases the opportunities for people to get familiar with the Universiade, strengthening the sense of participation. Today, I would like to give special thanks to Chunghwa Post for their publishing of the commemorative stamps of Taipei Universiade. It will definitely become the forever good memory for all the people who have devoted themselves to making this event successful.」

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