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Taipei City Government Sides with Enterprises in Taiwan Expo 2019 in Malaysia, Fetching A Million Worth of Orders

  Taiwan Expo 2019 in Malaysia concluded successfully in Penang on July 6. This was the second consecutive year that Taipei City Government has participated in Malaysia exhibitions. With “Taipei Your Partner” as the theme, 16 enterprises and manufacturers jointly participated in the Expo to promote Taipei’s premium products and services to Malaysia through on-line sales along with on-site exhibitions. The Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government noted that the two-day exhibition on July 5 and 6 attracted a great turnout of corporate buyers and visiting citizens which brought about 120 cooperation opportunities. An initial estimate points to one million US Dollars’ worth of orders, which is an impressive accomplishment.
  The Department of Economic Development added that Taipei Your Partner Pavilion incorporated online display and on-site interactive demonstration and opportunities for business negotiation. Famous local news anchors Yunna Tan and Darren were invited to present Taipei’s high-quality enterprises and products on site. BRAVO IDEAS DIGITAL, INC., one of the exhibitors hosted a live broadcast during the products promotion period. During the process customers can “watch-and-buy”. This “watch-and-buy” technology attracted local platform vendors to discuss possible cooperation.
  Additionally, Chief Minister of Penang Chow Kon Yeow visited “Taipei Your Partner Pavilion” during the product promotion session on the first day of the exhibition. He tried on an electronic scarf displayed by WORLDiBUY Co.,Ltd. The scarf features adjustable temperature according to personal preferences. In response to Penang’s hot climate, this creative design can be adjusted to be a “cool scarf” at any time. Minister Chow lauded it as “very useful!”
  During the exhibition, “Taipei Your Partner Pavilion” attracted a lot of Malaysian buyers. Business negotiation meetings reached 325 sessions. Hopefully, they will go to Taiwan to discuss purchasing opportunities in the near future. In this Taiwan Expo 2019 in Malaysia, the participating Taipei exhibitors responded enthusiastically. Among which, Toothfilm Inc. stated that it was grateful to the Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government for sparing no effort in supporting companies to broaden the global market to increase their export opportunities. Through this exhibition the company was able to hook up with local cosmetics distributors. Under the arrangement of the Department, they visited the local cosmetics factories and were looking forward to prospective cooperation and business opportunities in the Malaysian market.
  For more related information, please visit the Taipei Department of Economic Development’s official website and its Facebook page “StartUp Taipei”.
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