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Has your pet been spayed/neutered? The Taipei City Dog and Cat Spaying/Neutering Subsidy is still available.

In 2023, the Taipei City Animal Protection Office has allocated a budget of NT$5,646,000 for subsidies for spaying/neutering dogs and cats. As of Aug 31st, 2,798 spaying/neutering procedures for dogs and cats have already been subsidized from this budget, leaving a remaining balance of NT$2,26,100 available. Pet owners in the city who have already had their dogs and cats spayed/neutered this year can apply for the subsidy according to the regulations set by the Animal Protection Office.


The Taipei City Animal Protection Office has stated that according to statistics from the Pet Registration system, there are approximately 233,600 dogs and cats in Taipei City. However, as many as 30,000 pets have not undergone spaying/neutering or have not been reported as exempt from spaying/neutering. According to Article 22, Section 3 of the Animal Protection Act, pet owners are required to either spay/neuter specific pets or apply for an exemption from spaying/neutering for breeding purposes. Failure to do so may result in penalties for violating the Animal Protection Act. The Animal Protection Office veterinarian reminds  that spaying/neutering  pets not only reduces the risk of reproductive system diseases such as testicular tumors and uterine infections, but also helps extend our furry companions’ lifespan. After spaying/neutering, female dogs no longer experience heat cycles or false pregnancies, and cats are less likely to exhibit mating behaviors.


The Animal Protection Office further explains that the Taipei City Dog and Cat Spaying/Neutering Subsidy follows a ‘surgery first, then subsidy’ approach. Residents are free to choose any animal hospital for their pet’s spaying/neutering procedure, and there are no location restrictions for the animal hospital. To be eligible for the subsidy, pet owners need to have their household registration or residency permit showing Taipei City as their domicile, have registered their pets with a microchip, and have administered the rabies vaccination. After the pet has undergone the spaying/neutering surgery, the owner can apply for the subsidy through the Animal Protection Office or submit an online application through the Taipei Citizen Service Network or TaipeiPASS APP. The subsidy amount is NT$800 for male dogs and cats and NT$1,500 for female dogs and cats. The Animal Protection Office emphasizes that all surgeries for this year must have been completed and applications submitted before December 20, 2023. Any applications submitted after this deadline will not be eligible for the subsidy. For more information about the Taipei City Dog and Cat Spaying/Neutering Subsidy, you can visit the official website of the Taipei City Animal Protection Office (https://www.tcapo.gov.taipei/) or check the Taipei Animal Friendly Space Facebook official fan page 

(https://www.facebook.com/Taipei.animal.friendly.space/) for details.