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The Final Countdown of Taipei 2017 Universiade Is Approaching, Citizens Come to Root for Our Young Athletes

The Final Countdown of Taipei 2017 Universiade Is Approaching, Citizens Come to Root for Our Young Athletes

The final countdown of Taipei 2017 Universiade is approaching. The Chinese Taipei Team, which owns the home advantage and is formed by totally 368 athletes, possesses the possibility in breaking the record of winning 36 medals in the 2015 Guangzhou Universiade and creating the best competition result. Today (2017/07/17), the Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee (TUOC) holds the press conference named "Relay for Gold Medals, Return of Glory," to root for the participating athletes. The committee invited the Gold Medalist of 2015 Guangzhou Universiade Taekwondo Event, Lin Wan-Ting, and the potential Gold Medal winner of Roller Skating, Song Qing-Yang, to show up and to summon all citizens to root for the participating athletes in winning more gold medals. The TUOC also announced the rules of lottery event with raffle tickets held by the coming audience.

Relay for Gold Medals, Return of Glory

Song Qing-Yang, the Asian record holder of 500-meter Roller Skating Race, whose nickname is “Ice Worrier,” is only 25 years old, has won countless medals. In the 2015 Asian Competition of 500-meter Roller Skating Event, he broke the Asian record held by the athlete from Mainland China and won the gold medal. After the Asian competition, he returned to Taiwan and broke the record of National Games. He became the only athlete who can spend less than 23 seconds in the 300-meter competition, and won the gold medals of both 300-meter event and 500-meter event. Sung is very confident for the 2017 Taipei Universiade. With the home advantage and without the problems of diet and jetlag, Sung expects himself to perform at his best in winning the first gold medal in the Taipei Universiade.

At the press conference, the Gold Medalist of 2015 Guangzhou Universiade Taekwondo Event, Lin Wan-Ting, was also invited to show up to root for Sung Qing-Yang. The Organizing Committee gave the two athletes illustrations as gifts, which were painted by Xi Ru-Hua, a famous illustrator, in which the illustrator portraying Lin Wan-Ting wearing the Taekwondo suit, holding the gold medal and relaying it to the hand of Sung Qing-Yang, which symbolizes" Relay for Gold Medals, Return of Glory."


Convenient for Parents or Relatives Root for the Athletes

As the host of this year's Universiade, the Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee provides preferential treatment for each athlete's parents or relatives to visit the games, including two free tickets and the half-price discount for the standard seats of Taiwan High Speed Rail. In order to make the visitor's badge more commemorative, the Organizing Committee invited the EasyCard Corporation to sponsor and to make a special version of Eazycards, which can be used as the visitor's badges. The athletes' parents, when arriving in Taipei by Taiwan High Speed Rail, they can then use their Eazycards/visitor badges to deposit and freely take the convenient transportations to different venues to root for the athletes.

Especially, the Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee has promoted a project called "Neighbors Rooting for the Athletes Service Plan," by which residents of different counties may organize their own cheering groups to root for their athletes that their support would help the athletes perform at their best. Residents may sign up for this plan in their own counties. If successfully organizing a cheering group, a limited-edition of cheering sticks will be given to them as gifts. The gifts are limited so please sign up as soon as possible. The Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee sincerely invites friends and relatives of the athletes to come, acting as the strongest spirit supporters to root for Taiwanese athletes.


21+1 Sports, An Unprecedented Sports Event

There are a total of 21+1 sports as competition events at the 2017 Taipei Universiade. There are 14 compulsory sports, including Athletics, Basketball, Diving, Fencing, Football, Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Judo, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Volleyball, and Water Polo. And there are 7 optional sports, including Archery, Baseball, Badminton, Golf, Roller Skating, Weight-Lifting, Martial Arts, and the only demonstration sport, Billiards. So far until 7/14, Japan holds the biggest representative team, and there are over 600 people in it. The team of China is composed of 183 people. For the individual events, Chinese Taipei Team assigns Yang Jun-Han (Fleet of Foot) for the Sprint Race, Chen Jie for Hurdles, Wei Jun-Heng and Tan Ta-Ting for Archery, Wang Zi-Wei for Men's Badminton, and Zhang Kai-Zhen, the Queen of Tennis for the event. All of them are excellent athletes. 

Besides in Taipei, the arenas are located in New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City…, etc. Athletics, Badminton, Diving, Fencing, Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics Tennis, Roller Skating and Billiards, a total of 9 sports will be held in Taipei City. New Taipei City hosts Table Tennis and Weight-Lifting. Taoyuan hosts Archery, Golf, and Taekwondo. Hsinchu County hosts Taekwondo and Martial Arts. Other sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Volleyball, Water Polo and Football, will be held in two different areas for different races.

8/19 is the day of opening ceremony for 2017 Taipei Universiade, and different events will be held in different venues. On 8/30, the closing ceremony will be held in Taipei and to draw a perfect end of 2017 Taipei Universiade. The Taiwanese people are expected to see the excellent performances of best athletes in the world within the 12-day event.


Endless Gifts for Those Who Bought the Tickets

In order to thank the audience for buying tickets and showing their support, the 2017 Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee promotes the event of raffle draw, and if you buy the tickets, you may have the possibility of winning 1,800 gifts. During the Universiade, for each consecutive day of the 13 days, 60 gifts will be given to those who bought the tickets, and the gifts include iphone, ipad, Rimowa luggage suitcase…, etc. The gifts are worthy of 2,700,000 NTD. After the Universiade, on 9/8, the final raffle draw will give out a Toyota SIENTA, a 55-Inch LCD TV, 4 Gogoro 2 plus, and about 30 round-way flight tickets (For two people) from Taipei to Tokyo, Seoul, and Bangkok, as well as 3C home appliances and gift certificates of department stores as gifts. There are over 1,000 gift items waiting for you to win.

     The tickets for 2017 Taipei Universiade are on sale. The prices of one-day ticket (Competition Ticket) are 200 NTD and 300NTD. Those who are above the age of a junior high school student, over 65 years old, and under 12 years old, enjoy the half-price discount. If you buy over 20 tickets, you enjoy a 30 % discount, and receive another 20% off if purchasing the tickets before 7/31. From 8/8, if you scan the QR Code on the standing sign in front of the venues, inputting the series number on your ticket as well as the entertainment tax number and personal information, you may participate in the raffle draw. Buying more tickets brings you better chances. Also, for those who buy the tickets, they immediately qualify for the raffle draw, and the computer system will draw for you, but only if you have registered on the event's website. If you haven't registered on the website, you are responsible for contacting the organizing committee for exchanging for the gifts. More details about the 2017 Taipei Universiade raffle draw event may be found here:

And the ticket information about 2017 Taipei Universiade is here: https://tickets.2017.taipei

The Illustration of the Time Period of Raffle Draw


Taipei Loves You; A Beautiful New World

Watch the wonderful game, and watch the lively closing ceremony! In the press conference, there showed up three guests. They were the Souls and focused figures of the closing ceremony of Universiade this year, including creative director Lee Ming-Dao (Akibo), the executive director as well as a senior musician Ge Da-Zhong, and the robot Akididi, which was especially created for the closing ceremony of Universiade.  Please come and join the closing ceremony on 8/30 to applaud for the athletes competing hard during the 12 days.

Akididi belongs to "SIAM SIAM," and 9 of them will show up together on the closing ceremony. The tallest one is 4 meters! Akididi is 1.5 meter high, which is the shortest among team members. Responding to the idea of environmental protection, Akididi is powered by solar energy, and they will perform with FOCA, the Formosa Circus. The creative director, Lee Ming-Dao, says that in this year's closing ceremony, he wants to say thank you and to show his respect for the participating athletes with the idea of a music party which is full of Taiwanese culture. The theme is “Taipei Loves You; A Beautiful New World.” His original intention was to make the closing ceremony not only full of happiness but also full of futuristic senses and various musical expressions.

The closing ceremony contains various expressions of popular music, utilizing Taiwan's multiple elements to raise the curtain. Local bands Sibongie, ZenKwun, Sizhukong, Abao, The Chairman, Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Arts Troupe lively begin their performances. Then in “Taipei Loves You,” chapter invites Jia-Jia, TRASH, and FIRE EX to present their boundary-crossing performances. After the performance presented by the host city of 2019 summer Universiade, Italy's Napoli, “A Beautiful New World” brings you Lala Hsu, the singer and the most popular spokesperson of the young generation. Hsu’s performance will then be followed by SIAM SIAM and FOCA, and finally DJ MyKal a.k.a Lin Zhe-yi and Ji Xiao-Jun will bring an exclamation mark to end the closing ceremony.

Ge Da-Zhong says that the closing ceremony not only presents great shows to the audience, but also a lot of uniqueness, including the ensemble of electro and traditional tone as well as the design of a huge moving stage. The performing bands come from the winners of Golden Melody Awards, Golden Indie Music Awards, and the Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival. We expect to utilize music from Taiwan, both local and creative, to convey our passion and happiness to the world, thus the globe will make a good impression on Taiwan. Please be sure to come and join us!