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Taipei City Launches "Global Pass” to support Taipei startups in expanding abroad

Expansion support initiative for Taipei’s startup ecosystem enables startup founders to explore opportunities overseas

The Taipei City Government launches the “Global Pass” at a press conference held on March 27th. Mayor Chiang Wan-an highlighted that this initiative marks a pivotal moment for Taipei's startup ecosystem. Taipei City invited friendly city Fukuoka and sister city Manila to Taipei to roll out the "Global Pass" program.

The "Global Pass" is a program set to provide substantial support for startups by offering subsidies to facilitate the utilisation of overseas coworking spaces. Applications for the program are now open.

Expanding Horizons: Coworking Space Networks

The Department of Economic Development stated that the Global Pass has partnered with six international shared coworking space brands, including The Flexi Group, JustCo, One & Co., FUTRWORKS, CIC Tokyo, and CEO SUITE, spanning 9 countries and 19 cities, offering over 90 locations for startups to utilise. Taipei Startups who are registered within 12 years, can apply for the Global Pass Program.

The city government will cover 80% of the coworking space cost, up to $2,000 USD, allowing startups to flexibly utilise shared offices, meeting rooms, or event spaces. In addition to reducing the cost of overseas market expansion for startups, these shared spaces will provide assistance such as local entrepreneurial community information, business matchmaking or consultation, and introductions to local enterprises. This financial support aims to alleviate the financial burden on startups venturing into overseas markets while facilitating access to vital resources and networking opportunities.

Samantha Wordsworth, head of The Flexi Group’s Asia Pacific Marketing and Communication, expressed her enthusiasm for supporting Taipei's startups in their international endeavors.

Startup Partnerships 

To further solidify Taipei's ties with the global startup community, the city has initiated collaborations with international organisations from sister cities and friendly cities. Manila, Philippines, and Fukuoka, Japan, are among the cities that have already joined the "Startup Partnerships," offering Taipei's startups invaluable access to international business networks and resources.

Representatives from the Manila Economic and Cultural Office and TechShake, along with officials from the Fukuoka City Government and Fukuoka Growth Next (FGN), were present at the press conference to demonstrate their commitment to fostering cooperation with Taipei.

Mayor Chiang Wan-an emphasised that Taipei's internationalisation within the startup ecosystem is not only inevitable but also a promising trend. He reiterated the city government's dedication to transforming Taipei into a "Founder Friendly City" and an “AI Driven Smart City”. He stresses the significance of the “Global Pass” as this program offers startups access to international coworking spaces, connections with local resources, networking opportunities, and forging partnerships in key global hubs.

The launch of the "Global Pass" initiative represents a significant milestone in Taipei's journey towards becoming a global powerhouse in innovation and entrepreneurship. As the program gains momentum, Taipei is poised to attract top-tier talent and solidify its position as a leading destination for startups worldwide.

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