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Encounters with the saxophone -Zhuzihu Callalily Festival brings out romance

Surrounded by callalilly blossoms, it is beautiful to listen to lyrical saxophone music and feel the goodness of nature with your eyes closed. The blooming callalily looks more elegant and romantic in such a musical environment. Are you interested in this feast for your five senses? Then, don’t miss the Zhuzihu Pastoral Concert held on holiday afternoons.

Starting from today until April 23, we have invited Ruei-jie Lin, the saxophone player, to perform 7 “Encounter with the Saxophone – Pastoral Concerts” at five farms in turn from 2:00pm to 4:00pm on every long weekend and long holiday. The Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government expressed that it has specially arranged a series of pastoral concerts this year to entertain visitors with pleasing and relaxing music, in addition to visual and gustatory enjoyment of callallily picking, tasting good food, and enjoying the beautiful landscape. With the added spice of the Callalily Festival, it wants visitors to enjoy themselves in this lively event and beautiful venue, as well as to promote diverse development of this region.

Ruei-jie Lin, the saxophone player, is excellent with the soprano and alto saxophone. After discharging from the Gancheng Entertainment Battalion upon completion of his compulsory military service, he passed an entrance examination to work in the prestigious China Steel Corporation. However, his passion of music had not faded even a bit. On the contrary, his urge to play music was even higher. So he decided to become a musician at the Queen’s Club. Later, he became a street musician. This year, he was invited to perform at Zhuzihu CallaLily Festival. Ruei-jie plays the saxophone with superb skills, transforming the soprano saxophone into a lively girl. The alto saxophone is like a charming and graceful young woman. Ruei-jie is able to animate the male and female’s roles of old love songs and transform their flirting, encounters, exchanging of love and happiness together into music. His beautiful interpretation invites people to immerse themselves in these beautiful pieces. His graceful music seems to linger around your ears even when you have gone home.

The beautiful and elevating saxophone music played against the enchanting landscape of Zuzhihu and the beautiful callalily is marvelous. Enjoying tasty light snack such beautiful afternoons, it is heavenly. The encounter with the saxophone concerts at the callalily farms invite you to enjoy the charming pieces orchestrated by the callalily blossom and saxophone music.
For updated information of Zhuzihu Festival of CallaLily, please visit the fan page of “Taipei Sightseeing” (Chinese edition https://www.facebook.com/doed.taipei/). Please take the public transportation to enjoy the flowers and landscape at Zuzhihu on weekends and holidays, and follow the traffic regulations when visiting there.
【Zuzhihu Pastoral Concert】Dates and venues
4/ 1(Sat) Flower Valley Callalily Garden (by No.68-8 Zuzhihu Road)
4/ 2(Sun) Discovering Life Garden (No.35-1, Zuzhihu Road)
4/ 3 (Mon) Nursery Garden (No.56-7, Zuzhihu Road)
4/ 9(Sun) Flower’s Friend Natural Landscape Farm (No.79-1, Zuzhihu Road)
4/15(Sat) Discovering Life Garden (No.35-1, Zuzhihu Road)
4/16(Sun) Mingyangpu Leisure Farm (by No.63-1, Zuzhihu Road)
4/23 (Sun) Flower Valley Calla-lily Garden (by No.68-8 Zuzhihu)
Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm in the afternoon of the dates listed above
The Pastoral Concert is sponsored by Zuzhihu Farm. For admission, please consult the regulations of different farms.
Press contact: Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government
Liu Yong-hsiu 1999(outside the Greater Taipei 02-27208889) ext. 6578/0932-735078
Li Yun-rong 1999(outside the Greater Taipei 02-27208889) ext. 6592/0936-802608