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First in Taiwan! Taipei City Opens Dog Sports Parks and Dog Activity Areas for Adoption Starting Today (2/1)!

Taipei City's Opening for adoption of dog parkes and dog off-Leash areas marks the first of its kind nationwide, departing from the conventional government-managed maintenance model. In the past, neighborhood leaders expressed their willingness to adopt dog off-leash areas, and the city government also hopes that by opening up the management of dog run areas and dog off-leash areas, the overall quality of the dog runs can be enhanced through the efforts of the community. Starting today, Taipei City Animal Protection Office opens up 16 dog run areas and dog off-leash areas, including the Yingfeng Dog Park and Xinyi Square Dog Off-Leash Area, for private adoption applications. Pet product businesses, private organizations, and other stakeholders interested in participating in public affairs are welcome to join the adoption initiative.

The Taipei City Animal Protection Office emphasizes that applicants for the adoption of dog parks or dog off-leash areas should carefully read the terms of the contract before proceeding, ensuring a clear understanding of the adoption responsibilities and rights involved. During the adoption period, adopters are required to take responsibility for the basic maintenance and management of the park. If adopters wish to modify facilities within the adopted area or assist in environmental improvements, they must submit a project proposal and design plans. Approval from the Animal Protection Office is necessary before any implementation can take place. During the adoption period, adopters are responsible for the maintenance and construction fees. Additionally, the Animal Protection Office offers adopters a discount on venue fees for organizing promotional activities related to animal protection and animal epidemic prevention within the adopted area. Private organizations that meet the criteria outlined in the “Taipei City Animal Protection Incentive Subsidy Regulations” can also apply for subsidies from the Animal Protection Office.

The Taipei City Animal Protection Office further adds that as of the end of last year, Taipei City had a total of 21 dog parks and dog off-leash areas, with 16 areas available for adoption. The remaining 5 areas are not open for adoption due to unresolved land ownership issues. Those interested in adopting dog run areas can visit the “Adoption of Dog Parks and Dog Off-leash Areas” webpage on the Citizen Service Platform to review relevant information. They can then complete the “Taipei City Dog Parks and Dog Off-leash Areas Adoption Application Form” and submit the adoption application online or in person at the Animal Protection Office counter. For more information about dog run areas and dog off-leash areas, you can visit the “I Want to Go to Dog Parks” section on the Taipei City Animal Protection Office’s official website ([link]) and the Citizen Service Platform’s “Adoption of Dog Parks and Dog Off-leash Areas” page ([link]).