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Summary of 2021 Major Events

Major Events of the Department of Economic Development,Taipei City Government in 2021


The Taipei City Office of Commerce held the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival, with “Wonderful new year, heart-to-heart moments” as its theme. The Office collaborated with Dadaocheng-born papercraft artist Johan Cheng to help family members, lovers, and friends share blessings and feelings of nostalgia with each other. Decorative lighting was set up in 12 business districts and organization areas to make sightseeing and shopping at local brick-and-mortar stores even more enjoyable. The festival lasted until February 10.

24thManaging authority, the Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development inaugurated D.lab, the first startup hub to combine social housing with design startups. 
26thThe Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development hosted the 2021 Calla Lily and Hydrangea Festival, with the calla lily viewing season running from March 26 to April 25 and the hydrangea blossom viewing season from May 22 to June 20. In celebration of the “Calla Lilies and Hydrangea at Zhuzihu,” farms and gardens in the area invited visitors to enjoy the romantic beauty of calla lilies in the spring and the exuberant brilliance of early summer hydrangeas. The festival drew around 450,000 visitors, and resulted in NT$11.3 million in sales of flowers and other agricultural products during the festival. Local leisure and dining establishments took in an additional NT$81 million, for a total revenue of NT$92.3 million.
20thUnder the supervision of the Taipei City Market Administration Office, the First and Second Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale Markets operated by Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation implemented TaipeiPASS digital ID authentication at all entries to effectively implement epidemic prevention and control measures and ensure a stable supply of agricultural products. 
2thThe Taipei City Animal Protection Office held a series of activities during Taipei Animal Protection Month 2021 that brought together a number of animal festivals thanks to the dual theme “I Love Fur Babies, I Support Wild Babies” and the first-ever inclusion of wildlife as a part of the events. The office launched the first Container Art Exhibition for Wildlife Conservation and promoted responsible pet ownership, adoption, and education in 5 thematic events that lasted until October 2 and attracted a total of 1,470 visitors.
8thTo provide relief for businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Taipei City Government made plans to issue Taipei Digital Stimulus Vouchers via the TaipeiPASS mobile app. Applications for businesses were open until Dec. 25. The first round of registration for the public was open from Sep. 22 to Oct. 14.
14thThe Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development completed the signing of the contract for the Taipei Digital Content Innovation Center BOT Tender. The total floor area of the building is estimated to be 79,344 square meters. The main building will contain incubation centers and social spaces for creative interaction, and will be available for affiliated industries to work, exchange ideas, and present demos, making this Taiwan’s flagship international digital content innovation center.
9thThe Taipei City Office of Commerce organized the Shopping Life in Taipei Festival, whose slogan, “Fun in the commercial district let’s buy it up,” helped market the local food, leisure tourism, and cultural and creative department store industries. Among the highlights of the event were several giant capsule vending machines. A total of 24 business districts and 60 stalls participated in the festival, which lasted until October 10.
13thThe Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development held the Foreseeing the Future・Sustainable Development-2021 Taipei Forum online. The central themes of the forum were energy transition and circular economy. Both domestic and foreign scholars and experts were invited to share their thoughts and experiences regarding international trends in circular governance and to talk about how private enterprises can establish innovative services and business models based on circular economy. More than 400 participants joined in the live stream that day, and as of November 5 more than 23,000 had viewed the recorded video.
31thThe Taipei City Market Administration Office completed phase one of its relocation of the First and Second Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale Markets operated by Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation to a temporary marketplace to facilitate the reconstruction of the Wanda Fish Market and the First Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale Market.
1stThe Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development published Taipei Agricultural Policy in 2021, the first book on urban agriculture in Taiwan. The book focuses on eco-friendly food and agriculture, leisure agritourism, and resilience and sustainability, and it maps out a new vision of “LOHAS Agriculture for a Happy Taipei.” A press conference and roundtable forum of experts and scholars were held on November 1.
2thThe Taipei City Office of Commerce inaugurated the “Buy Up Taipei 2021” raffle event to boost the economy as the outbreak had subsided at the time. Consumers could simply register their invoices or receipts on the official website to enter the raffle. The total prize value of NT$30 million attracted tourists and consumers to Taipei and served to promote local business opportunities and commercial development. The event lasted until Feb. 15.
4thThe Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development hosted the 2021 Taipei International Design Award ceremony. This is the only international design contest that has been certified by the World Design Organization (WDO), the International Council of Design (ico-D), and the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI). This year marked the first time the award program has worked together with Germany's iF Design Award to jointly promote and commend Taiwan’s exceptional designs on the international stage.
5thThe online draw for Taipei Digital Stimulus Vouchers was launched. The vouchers could be used from Nov. 5, 2021 to Jan. 2, 2022. Consumers from all over Taiwan were invited to Taipei in an effort to boost the economy and revitalize local businesses.
7thThe Taipei City Animal Protection Office and the Guandu Nature Park Management Office of the Wild Bird Society of Taipei, which is subsidized by the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs, jointly held the opening ceremony of the Guandu International Nature Art Festival.
12thThe Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development signed a contract with Shin Kong Life Insurance on Nov. 12 for a tender for superficies to the municipal land at the T17 and T18 blocks of Beitou Shilin Technology Park.
23thThe Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development held the topping out ceremony for the Taipei Bioinnovation Park BOT tender, the first ever to focus on the development of Taiwan’s biomedical industry, on December 23. This tender will provide more than 46,284 square meters for biotech companies to use as incubator spaces or business bases. The upcoming launch of operations in 2023 promises to make Nangang district the newest stronghold of Taiwan’s biotechnology industry.