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Summary of 2012 Major Events

Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government
Summary of 2012 Major Events

Date Content
Dec. 25, 2011 – Feb. 19, 2012 Shilin Market Opening Ceremony and series of activities
Jan. 17–21 2012 Taipei Lunar New Year’s Festival
Jan. 14–22 Binjiang Market Lunar New Year’s Festival
Jan. 16 Department of Economic Development was the only department rated “Advanced” in 2011 hot spring management by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Mar. 1 Taipei Expo Foundation initiated to operate
Mar. 1–25 2012 Taipei Traditional Market Festival series of activities
Mar. 17 Promotion activity of energy-saving label products
Mar. 24–May 19 Activities for celebrating the 12th anniversary of the Taipei City Mall
Mar. 27 Taipei Small Business Innovation Research (Taipei SBIR) achievement exhibition
Apr. 28–29  Taipei SME business matching and product exhibition ~ Urban-Rural Business Matching‧ Taipei Carnival
May 7–Jul. 7  2012 Taipei Night Market Festival-Night Market Monopoly, Touring 101 Featured Vendors
May 15–Oct. 31 Implementation of 2012 Self-Governance Ordinance for the Counseling and Management of Energy Conservation and CO2 Reduction in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors in Taipei City
May 19 2012 Taipei International Design Forum
Jun. 1 Taipei City Government Joint Groundwater Investigation Task Force initiated numerous investigations into illegally sinking groundwater bores, water quality and food safety, etc.
Jun. 24 Taipei Kiss-Summer kids activities
Jun. 30–Jul. 1 2012 Agricultural Products Sales and Exhibition in Taipei by the Morakot Post-Disaster Reconstruction Zone
Jul. 10–Aug. 31 Energy saving promotion and temperature and illumination inspection in each major business district in Taipei City
Jul. 12–15 2012 Taipei Culinary Exhibition
Aug. 3–19 Taipei Good Design series of activities
Aug. 15–Dec. 2 2012 Taipei Shopping Festival
Aug. 18–Dec. 30 National Agricultural Products Sales activities
Aug. 24 2012 Cross-Straits Industrial Forum
Sept. 1–2 Taipei Good Gift Shop Exhibition and Sales
Sept. 5–10 The 2012 Taiwan Investment and Talent Recruiting Delegation visited USA
Sept. 14 The Construction of Taipei Cloud Computing Industrial Park Symposium
Sept. 14 2012 Taipei Biotech Award Ceremony and Presentation
Oct. 4 2012 Taipei International Design Award Ceremony
Oct. 4 Promotion of Ningxia Night Market’s Ningxia Millennium Feast
Oct. 12 Re-opening of Chien-Cheng Circle
Oct. 13 2012 Taipei International Bird-watching Fair
Oct. 15 Revising Taipei Municipal Self-Governance Ordinance for Industrial Development–Adding wage subsidy for laborers and rent assistance, and listing foreign companies as the object for subsidy.
Oct. 25–26 2012 Taipei International Digital Content Design Forum
Oct. 25–31 Shilin Night Market Consumer Promotion
Oct. 31 2012 Ceremony of Excellent Companies in the Promotion of Energy-Saving Products and Energy-Saving Performance
Nov. 6 Beitou’s hot spring mineral deposit received “Certificate of origin” by the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Nov. 8 2012 Taipei Industrial Business Opportunities Forum
Nov. 17 Re-opening of renovated Nanmen Market
Nov. 19 Cloud Computing and Industrial Technological Development Forum
Nov. 23 Taipei City Market Administration Office’s Taipei Friendly Rest Room Promotion Program won 2nd place of 2012 Service Quality Award in the category of service planning agencies by the Taipei City Government.
Nov. 29 2012 Taipei International Digital Content Award Ceremony
Dec. 1 Happy Pets’ Birthday Party and annual pet adoption event
Dec. 1–2 Taipei International Beef Noodles Festival
Dec. 10 2012 Excellent Business District Award Ceremony
Dec. 18 Taipei Good Host “A Rising Power for Entrepreneurship–Entrepreneurial Idea Contest” award ceremony and angel investor match-making conference
Dec. 26 Far Eastern EcoARK “Pavilion of New Fashion” donated to the Development of Economic Development, Taipei City Government
Dec. 29 Co-organizing 2012 Dog Walk with the Animals Taiwan