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Summary of 2014 Major Events

Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government Summary of 2014 Major Events

1st Taipei Expo Park, established during the Taipei International Flora Exposition, consists of Yuanshan Park, Arts Park and Xinsheng Park areas. During 2014, till the end of December, a total of 5.69 million people visited the Park. 80% of the visitors are satisfied or very satisfied with Taipei Expo Park, and 90% are satisfied with the exhibition halls.



Also, in 2014, “Taipei Farmer’s Market” was held every Saturday and Sunday at the Taipei Expo Park, with theme activities launched in cooperation with various county and city governments, attracting more than 1.12 million people in total and generating more than NTD 120 million in business opportunities.

13th Held the 2013 hot spring management performance appraisal and was graded “excellent” by the Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the Council of Indigenous Peoples of the Executive Yuan, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
17th Taipei City Market Administration Office added a “Taipei City Night Market” section to “Food Tracer platform in Taipei City”. Participating vendors may display their own QR code at their stores for the public to “scan, see and enjoy food safety” and grasp the food/ingredient information of Taipei City’s 14 night markets.
23rd Taipei City Office of Commerce hosted the “2014 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival” at 9 main shopping areas, including Dihua Street. Three major activities were held from early January to mid-February: “Taipei Chinese New Year Street Bazaar”, “Taipei’s Chinese New Year Shopping Month” and “TWTC Chinese New Year Shopping Fair”. The events attracted more than 4.02 million shoppers, generating about NTD 4.4 billion in revenue.
12th Taipei City Market Administration Office held the “2014 Taipei Traditional Market Festival” with the theme: “Market delicacy and shopping”. The event ended on April 20th. A launching press conference was held on March 12th, and 57 famous market stores gathered at Yuanshan gallery plaza of Taipei Expo Park for a food fair and food tasting event from April 19th to 20th. The two-day event attracted 30,000 people and generated total revenue of more than 5 million. The event not only successfully supported the title, “World’s Best Vendors”, but also significantly increased the overall revenue.
14th Taipei City Market Administration Office hosted the “Taipei Flower Market Opening Ceremony cum Flower Show”, attracting about 9,000 consumers and 25 media reports. The event ended on March 21st.
22nd Hosted the Calla Lily Festival (at Zhuzihu), with the theme, “Dream Field of Calla Lily”. The event attracted about 750,000 people and ended on April 27th.
17th Hosted the “Taipei City Small and Medium Enterprises Business Matching cum Product Exhibition: Taipei Good Product Carnival” at the City Hall’s Citizen Square. The two-day event that ended on May 18th attracted more than 90,000 people, generating nearly NTD 15 million in revenue.
18th The “Pavilion of Dreams” of Taipei Expo Park was awarded two silver medals in the “2014 MUSE Awards” and also the 2014 Red Dot Award in communication design. The MUSE Awards won were in the “Games and Augmented Reality” and “Mobile Applications” categories, and the award ceremony was held in Seattle, the United States on May 18th. The Red Dot Award in communication design was in the “Application” category, and the award ceremony was held in Berlin, Germany on October 24th.
30th Taipei City Market Administration Office hosted the “2014 Taipei Night Market Festival”. The event enjoyed the participation of 6 night markets, and attracted about 20,000 consumers and 102 media reports. The event lasted till June 21st.
10th Announced the amendment of “Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance for Industrial Development”, where the research and development subsidy amount was increased, and subsidized items such as brand building, business innovation and incubation, and entrepreneurship were added.
21st Formed the “2014 Taipei Economic and Trade Delegation” to Silicon Valley, the United States, to market and attract investors. Through one-to-one interviews, an investment letter of intent (LOI) was successfully signed between WI Harper Group and Taipei City. In addition, 2 to 3 companies expressed that they will assess the possibility of listing or conducting OTC trading in Taipei in the near future. The event ended on June 27th.
1st Taipei City Office of Commerce hosted the “2014 Taipei Shopping Festival”, with the participation of 10 shopping areas, 10 department stores and 2,960 stores, where shopping discounts were offered to the public. The event attracted more than 270,000 shoppers, generating about NTD 2 billion of revenue. The event ended on September 15th.
1st In response to Kaohsiung’s gas explosion incident, the “Taipei City public safety project team for natural gas transmission and storage devices” was set up. Periodic safety measure supervision meetings were conducted by the Deputy Mayor on natural gas transmission and storage devices, and on operations management. Also, the “Taipei City joint inspection team for natural gas transmission and storage devices” was set up to conduct joint inspection on the transmission and storage devices of natural gas.
27th Hosted the “2014 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Competition” award ceremony at ITeS Building. 15 outstanding teams received investment cooperation memoranda from the investors.
3rd Taipei City Office of Commerce hosted the “Fashion in Taipei” fashion show at Warehouse No.1 of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Companies of renowned channels, brands and fashion, as well as fashion media personnel were invited to the event. The event provided opportunities and marketing platform for publication of the works, and attracted approximately 15,000 people.
3rd Taipei City Self-Government Ordinance for Animal Protection” has passed the third reading by Taipei City Council. Upon approval by the Executive Yuan, Taipei City Government shall announce its date of enforcement.
10th Taipei City’s second hot spring foot spa, Liuhuang Valley (Sulfur Valley) Hot Spring Foot Spa, was officially open to the public. The third hot spring foot spa, Fuxing Park Hot Spring Foot Spa, was also officially open to the public on December 10th.
19th Hosted the “2014 Taipei Biotech Awards”, where a total amount of NTD 5.4 million was awarded to 10 outstanding biotech companies and research units. The innovation, development and cooperation from outstanding biotech companies and relevant units, promoted industrial vigorous development and increased enterprise visibility.
11th Taipei City Office of Commerce hosted the “2014 Taipei International Beef Noodle Festival: Delicacy in Taipei Carnival” at the EXPO Dome of the Yuanshan Park Area of Taipei Expo Park from October 11th to 12th. About 50,000 people participated in the event, generating more than NTD 6 million in revenue.
25th Formed the “2014 Taipei City economic and trade delegation” to London, the United Kingdom, for marketing and to attract investors. The event ended on October 31st. During the invitation seminar, “Charming Taipei, investors’ choice”, which was held on October 28th, companies such as TMF Taiwan Limited achieved local strategic partnership in the United Kingdom. Both parties expressed great willingness to cooperate. Cooperation between Thousand Hundred Industrial Co., Ltd. and European distributors such as Taylor, BrighTek and Vertech was also reached.
25th The “16th Taipei International Birdwatching Fair” was hosted by the Wild Bird Society of Taipei and co-hosted by Taipei City Animal Protection Office. The theme was “Natural Balance in Wetlands”, and 8,241 people participated in the event, which ended on October 26th.
30th Hosted the “2014 Award Ceremony for Promotion of Energy-saving Products cum Outstanding Energy-saving Companies” to commend the industry and commerce sectors for promoting energy-saving and carbon reduction. Their actions have helped conserved 120 million kWh of electricity and reduced 68,000 tons of carbon for Taipei City.
1st Hosted the “2014 Taipei Expo Park Floral Festival” opening ceremony. The Taipei Expo Park Floral Festival consists of five flower and gardening design exhibitions: “2014 Fragrant Love Taipei International Flower Design Award”, “2014 Taipei Garden Design Exhibition”, “2014 19th HWA-FONG National Bonsai Exhibition”, “2014 Taipei Flora Art Work Exhibition” and “2014 Taipei Expo Park Floral Festival: Taipei Flower Show”. The event lasted till February 28, 2015.
7th Hosted the “Taipei International Design Award 2014” award ceremony at the Taipei Arena. About 125 guests, media personnel and award winners attended the event. 61 finalist and winning works were exhibited during the event.
8th Taipei City’s Jianguo Holiday Flower Market held its 32nd anniversary celebration which ended on November 9th. A charity sale was held during the event, and the proceeds were donated to “Taiwan Foundation For Rare Disorders”.
15th Taipei City Animal Protection Office and Taiwan Union of Pet Commerce Association co-organized the “2014 1st Taipei Dog Sports Championship”. The event ended on November 16th.
5th Hosted the 2014 “1st Projects of Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry: Outstanding Enterprise” award ceremony. 15 companies were awarded ‘outstanding enterprises’ during the ceremony.
21st Taipei City Animal Protection Office and Pet Friendly Association co-organized the “2014 Taipei Dog Walk”.