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Summary of 2019 Major Events


Summary of Major Events in 2019
5th The Taipei City Office of Commerce and PX Mart Co., Ltd. co-hosted TAIPEI LUMINARIE PX MART 20th with approximately 2 million people turning out and NT$ 1.5 billion in revenue. The event concluded on February 19th.
29th The Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development organized the 2019 Calla Lily Festival with the theme “Counting Calla Lilies: Count a Calla Lily and Make a Wish.” The festival took place in Zhuzihu and featured agricultural landscape design and a joint wedding event. Thanks to comprehensive planning and marketing, large numbers of visitors were attracted to the romantic event. Around half a million people participated in the festival, and it produced approximately NT$ 14 million in revenue from the sale of Calla Lilies and other agricultural products as well as NT$ 105 million from leisure industries and food. Total revenues amounted to NT$ 119 million. The festival concluded on April 28th.
23rd On April 23rd, the Taipei City Government held a launching ceremony for the Heart of Neihu BOT project executed by the Department of Economic Development. On the same day, the core of this project—a new innovation lab and incubator for start-up companies—was officially named “t.Hub.”
12th The Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development held Taipei Vision Forum 2019: Toward a Sustainable Energy & Circular City. Representatives of different countries as well as local and foreign experts with practical experience were invited to participate in the forum; these included UK representative Catherine Nettleton, Dutch representative Guy Wittich, German deputy representative Germany Sabrina Schmidt-Koschella, and Bo Monsted, Director of the Trade Council of Denmark. The forum focused on successful strategies and examples of urban governance that can be introduced to Taiwan. The Taipei City Government was looking to learn from the experiences of other international cities and enterprises to support the development of Taipei as a sustainable, circular, and innovative city. Roughly 250 people from the public participated in the forum’s full-day courses, which was a milestone for civic engagement in energy promotion in Taipei City. Besides, to promote the forum and the issues discussed, 17 media agencies which were in attendance at the forum published 18 news articles in digital, print, and multimedia formats. Through such wide media exposure, Taipei City Government hopes to take the lead in increasing private participation. Through this dual approach, the government strives for both economic and environmental development and aims to lead Taiwan to a green and sustainable future.
26th The Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development invited 14 local enterprises to participate in the Taiwan Expo and set up the Taipei, Your Partner exhibit in Surabaya, Indonesia. With Taipei’s quality products and service as the main selling point, we used online presentations and offline experience and discussions to attract buyers and visitors to our pavilion. Overall, we obtained potential business opportunities from 10 enterprises. The expo concluded on September 28th.
30th Achieve an Objective of Downsizing Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in Taipei
The Taipei City Animal Protection Office assisted pig farmers in clearing their pigs out of the city to achieve the objective of downsizing concentrated animal feeding operations in Taipei.
1st The Taipei City Animal Protection Office launched the Taipei Animal Shelter Pet Insurance Program, the first of its kind in Taiwan. The program provided total 1,500 one-year pet insurance to those who adopted dogs or cats from the Taipei Animal Shelter during July 1st to December 31st. The insurance ensures pets’ right to treatment, aids owners in fulfilling their responsibilities to their pets, and decreases the possibilities of old and sick pets being abandoned.
4th The Taipei City Market Administration Office held a farewell party for Nanmen Market with the theme of “Glorious 38th Anniversary—Timeless Memories.” On October 4th and 5th, special events such as a NT $1 auction and bidding activity were held. On the 6th, Mayor Ko Wen-je was invited to take a final market tour, at which time he offered words of encouragement and his best wishes to stall owners. At the Lights-Out Ceremony, people bade farewell to Nanmen Market, at least until it reopens at its original address with a new look in three years. The event was held between October 4th and 6th, and approximately 50,000 people turned out.
8th The Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development organized the 2019 Taipei Cross-Border eCommerce Annual Convention and Taipei Neo Trade Award and handed out the Taipei Neo Trade Award to the first Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) of cross-border e-commerce in order to establish a new model and develop Taipei into a center for cross-border e-commerce.
31st The Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development processed the establishment of superficies for Beitou-Shilin Technology Park’s T16, T17, and T18 zones. The news was announced on October 31st to attract investment.
1st The Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development held the 2019 Taipei International Design Award ceremony and handed out 75 awards in total, including the Taipei City Mayor’s Award. The total prize money of NT$3,800,000 attracted 5,384 entries from 76 countries. The event showcased Taipei’s design power to the public and provided a platform for design exchanges.
5th The Taipei City Market Administration Office assisted the Dalong Market Council in organizing a promotional campaign for the Dalong Market’s Soft-Opening. At this celebration of the completion of construction at Dalong Market, 200 servings of tang-yuan soup, a traditional Chinese sweet soup with glutinous rice balls whose round shape symbolizes completeness and wealth, were prepared to allow the public to join in the celebrations at the Market.
12th The Taipei City Government Department of Economic Development hosted 2019 Taipei International Startup Week with “Leap Up!” as its central theme. Featured events included StartUP@Taipei Global Linkage Forum and StartUP@Taipei Demo Day on November 12th, the Taipei Entrepreneurs Innovation Expo and Prominent Enterprise Awards from November 12th to 13th, the DCS International Entrepreneurship Congress on November 13th, the StartUP@Taipei Expo from November 14th to 16th, and the Pop Up Asia handicraft exhibition from November 14th to 17th. These events showcased the power of entrepreneurship in Taipei’s many industries. 
13th The Taipei City Market Administration Office assisted the Nanmen Market Council in organizing the opening event for the interim Nanmen Market (until the market’s official reopening). The Mayor was invited to the opening ceremony of the interim market. Promotional activities such as lucky draws with certain purchase amounts and surprise goodie bags were organized to bring in the crowds.
2nd For the first time ever, the Taipei City Animal Protection Office and the Wild Bird Society of Taipei jointly held the 20th Anniversary of Guandu Nature Park and the 7th Wetland Link International—Asia Conference. Ramsar Regional Center—East Asia (RRC-EA) picked Taipei as the host city for the 7th Wetland Link International – Asia Conference in collaboration with Wetland Link International (WLI), resulting in 20 countries and regions in Asia and over 100 leaders from wetland preservation organizations meeting in Taipei to participate in knowledge exchanges and experience sharing regarding the preservation of wetlands areas across the world. Guandu Nature Park was designated as an operational model for achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The conference concluded on December 6th.
13th The Taipei City Market Administration Office assisted Dalong Market in organizing its opening event. The Mayor was invited to join the opening ceremony then visit the market. There were promotional campaigns such as free shopping bag giveaways for purchases above a certain amount to attract shoppers.