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The major policies of 2010

  1. We will continue on the promotion of the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition to raise the visibility of Taiwan internationally. Taipei will become a beautiful flora city with beautiful flowers and tourism industries.
  2. We encourage industrial research and development, and we offer relevant subsidies and preferential measure to enliven traditional and characterized industries and to promote industrial competitiveness.
  3. We will advance the industry and commerce towards energy conservation, and we will promote reasonable and effective use of energy. We will expand the set-up and use of renewable energy and put the hot spring resource management and conservation in effect in the meantime.
  4. We will advance the delicate leisure agriculture program for farmer communities and shape the brand image of the agricultural products of the city to create an environment of sustainable development and well-being for them. We will also advance the concept of green community and encourage citizens to join this program.
  5. We will advance Asian-Pacific economic and trade affairs in the city and also assist upgrade and transformation of small-and-medium-sized enterprises to create an advantageous industry and investment environment and form an industry cluster effect in the Neihu Technology Park, making the Taipei Technology Corridor and vibrating the economy of the city.
  6. We will launch a program to improve the hardware and software in traditional markets, and we will also improve the shopping environment of traditional markets and centralized street vendors to create a clean, modern environment of marketplace.
  7. We will construct a high-quality commercial environment to promote business development and enliven the business circle. We will also assist specialized industries and promote themed marketing activities to promote the commercial competitiveness, making the city more charismatic.
  8. We will enhance the overall disaster prevention capabilities and implement the safety management of hillsides. Files concerning artificial hillside slopes will be archived to ensure the safety of life and property of people. Also, we will continue to construct a high-quality and friendly environment, improve the agricultural environment, and create a city with countryside characteristics.
  9. In order to prevent rabies and bird flu, we will promote pet owner responsibility through education. We will also put the pet store source management in effect, protect pet food hygiene and safety, reinforce the mechanism for animal rescue, and improve environment of Animal House Shelter, improving the quality of animal care and preventing the invasion of alien species to create a sustainable environment for local animals.