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The major policies of 2015

2015 Administration Plan of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government

A. Missions

“Facilitate industrial development, create a sustainable business environment and improve citizens’ quality of life as well as local businesses’ competitiveness”

B. Vision

“Making Taipei a healthy city of sustainable prosperity and cultural diversity

C. Goals

  1. Create the corridor of technology in Taipei City to shape up an excellent environment for industries and enhance the competitiveness of the industries. Stay ahead of the economic situation and industrial trends to carry out matters related to domestic/international business solicitations and economic/trade exchanges.

  2. Offer diverse incentive subsidies and financing measures to assist with the upgrading and innovation for enterprises, and strengthen the competitiveness of the industries. Create an excellent environment for startup and investment to energize the economy of the City.

  3. Improve hardware and software of market facilities and assist business circles in enhancing service quality and upgrading transformation. Integrate diverse shopping platforms and plan creative marketing activities. Create an excellent purchasing environment to strengthen the attractiveness of specialized businesses in the City.

  4. Promote energy conservation and reduction of carbon emissions for businesses and industries, the reasonable and effective use of energy, and the establishment and use of renewable energy. Implement resource management and protection of hot springs. Make greater efforts to supervise the operation and management of public natural gas business, as well as its safety, maintenance, and disaster preventions and preparation.

  5. Develop a refined organic recreational agriculture. Establish the uniqueness of local produce brands. Implement the inspection of organic produce. Provide the guidance to farmers’ groups and promote a green economy to enhance the effectiveness of agricultural economy.

  6. Supervise Taipei Expo Foundation for the operation of the Taipei Expo Park. Host exhibition activities for cultural and creative, art, family-based, diverse education, senior, happiness, LOHAS living themes, etc., to offer an excellent recreational area and diverse exhibition activities to the citizens, and promote the development of peripheral industries.

  7. Build a sound mechanism for managing animals. Promote the responsibility education of pet owners. Safeguard the sanitation and safety of pet food. Implement the guidance and management of the pet industry. Strengthen the control of animal rescue. Enhance the quality of sheltering and medical care for animals. Maintain the protection of wildlife and the sustainability of natural ecology. Create a city that is friendly to animals.