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The major policies of 2019

The Administrative Focuses of the Department of Economic Development in 2019
I. V
Building a city of commercial development that fosters openness, freedom, and creative entrepreneurship.
II. Mission
Facilitating the sustainability of industries and improving citizens’ quality of life.
III. Administrative Focuses
1. Strengthening links among industries and upgrading the effectiveness of industrial clusters; promoting international trading activities, actively drawing foreign investment and business, and assisting enterprises in expanding business to international markets.
2. Enhancing the efficacy of entrepreneurial services provided by the government; providing convenient and diverse sources of capital; connecting and integrating private resources; establishing clusters of emerging industries; shaping favorable entrepreneurial environments, and creating a cradle in Taipei for entrepreneurship.
3. Rebuild the environment of traditional markets and enhancing the safety of shopping spaces; improving food safety management; enhancing the quality of assistance for and management of the markets, and shaping the quality markets of our city.
4. Developing refined, environmentally-friendly and recreational agriculture to establish local brands of agricultural products; implementing inspections of agricultural product labels, assisting farmer groups, and strengthening the green economy; promoting the ideas of the garden city and urban afforestation with private groups and Farmers’ Association to increase the economic benefits of urban agriculture.
5. Promoting animal-friendly spaces and facilities to increase the sterilization rates of domestic dogs and cats; planning new animal shelters to increase the adoption rates of dogs and cats; preserving the ecological environment and implementing protection and management systems for wild animals; reinforcing the prevention and monitoring of epidemic situations as well as enforcing the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (TNVR) program for street dogs and the Taipei Cat Care Program (TCCP) for street cats to create an animal-friendly city.
6. Promoting the installation and usage of renewable energy facilities to increase the use of renewable power; establishing safe environments for the use of natural gas by reinforcing oversight of public natural gas operation and management as well as the maintenance of the delivery and storage facilities; optimizing services for those using hot springs, and promoting effectively operation and management of hot spring resources.
7. Shaping a convenient and sound commercial environment; connecting resources to jointly facilitate the prosperity of shopping districts to build industries unique to our city which are convenient, friendly, and smart.