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The major policies of 2016

2016 Administration Plan of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government

I. Vision

Make Taipei become a city of “sustainable prosperity, diversified development.”

II. Mission

Stimulate industry development, construct sustainable operating environment, as well as enhance citizens’ quality of living and industrial competitiveness.

III. Administrative Key Points

  1. Provide diversified incentive subsidy and fund raising measures, guide enterprises to devote into innovative creativities, to strengthen industrial competitiveness, to construct advantageous business start-ups and investment environment, as well as to create Taipei into a cradle platform for business start-ups.

  2. Develop exquisite, organic recreational agriculture, construct local agricultural product brand characteristics, implement organic agricultural product inspection, offer consultation to farmer groups, promote green economy, enhance economic benefits for agriculture; collaborate with civil groups and farmers’ associations to promote urban farmland, thereby enhancing the value of agriculture.

  3. Enhance the quality for environment of conventional market, construct trading environment with integrity, create quality markets for the city.

  4. Implement pet food safety management, offer guidance for the setup and quality management of performing animal industry, construct profitable management for wild animal feeding, breeding, processing and trading, promote animal friendly space, establish cat & dog school, execute sterilization and vaccination TNVR program for stray dogs, implement accurate capturing, plan the program for pets to live their old lives happily and leave the world with dignity, strengthen the prohibition of pet abandonment, thereby creating an animal friendly city and maintain the green ecological network.

  5. Promote energy-saving and carbon-reduction for industrial and commercial industries; stimulate rationalized and effective usage of energy sources; popularize the setup and application of recycled energy sources; implement hot spring resource management and conservation; strengthen supervision for public natural gas business operating management as well as safety maintenance and preparation for disaster prevention and rescue.

  6. Create urban industrial corridor, stimulate industrial cluster effect; promote international trade communication, actively recruit businesses to invest and assist enterprises in expanding the international market.

  7. Offer guidance for business district industry transformation and upgrading, integrate diversified delicacy and shopping platform, as well as plan creative thematic tours; construct quality shopping environment, create charisma for the city’s living industry.