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The major policies of 2014

2014 Administration Plan of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government

A. Missions

“Facilitate industrial development, create a sustainable business environment and improve citizens’ quality of life as well as local businesses’ competitiveness”

B. Vision

“Making Taipei a healthy city of sustainable prosperity and cultural diversity

C. Goals

  1. Continuously recruit businesses in Taiwan and beyond, and promote international trade according to economic/industry trends; build Taipei Cloud Computing Industrial Park and the Taipei Technology Corridor to attract business investments;

  2. Encourage local businesses to engage in innovative R&D programs and international exhibitions; assist small- and medium-enterprises with upgrading/transformation; foster young entrepreneurs by providing start-ups with helpful information, advice, subsidies and other forms of incentives; enhance the competiveness of local businesses; create a competitive investment environment; stimulate Taipei City’s economy as a whole; 

  3. Improve shopping areas and marketplace services/facilities to build a high-quality shopping environment; introduce an integrated platform for diversified services and creatively themed marketing campaigns to effectively bolster shopping areas’ growth; rebranding Taipei as a distinctive, fascinating and commerce-oriented city;

  4. Implement carbon-reduction initiatives across all industries for reasonable, effective energy use; raise public awareness of renewable energy; ensure that hot-spring resources are well managed, conserved and utilized in a diversified manner; oversee natural gas suppliers embrace enhanced safety, disaster prevention & rescue measures; closely monitor gasoline (and natural gas) stations and LGP barrels (in terms of the actual tonnage, pricing and air flow);

  5. Encourage high-quality, organic and leisure-oriented farming; rebranding local farms with a focus on uniqueness; ensure organic goods are meticulously inspected; offer farming groups appropriate assistance; cultivate “green economy” solutions to further benefit local agriculture economically; 

  6. Offer supervision to the Taipei Expo Foundation regarding Taipei Expo Park operations; provide citizens with excellent recreational facilities besides a variety of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions (MICE) activities to drive the growth prospects of MICE industry and relevant businesses; 

  7. Introduce a comprehensive animal management system; raise awareness of responsible pet ownership; ensure pet food safety; monitor pet businesses while giving them advice; step up animal rescue & control efforts; improve veterinarian care at animal shelters; create an animal-friendly city.