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The major policies of 2020

2020 Administrative Focuses

I. Vision
Building Taipei into an innovation center with unlimited potential in Asia.

II. Mission
Promoting sustainable industries and improving citizens’ quality of life.

III. Administrative Focuses

1. Promoting the development of high-tech industry clusters as well as innovation in and upgrading of industry clusters; building an investment-friendly environment in Taipei; strengthening international connections and actively attracting foreign investment and businesses; and assisting enterprises in expanding to the global market. 

2.Increasing the efficiency of entrepreneurial services provided by the government and providing convenient and diversified sources of capital; connecting and consolidating private resources and creating a crucible for entrepreneurship in Taipei; establishing clusters of emerging industries and shaping a favorable entrepreneurial environment; constructing an incubator for cross-border e-commerce to promote international trade.

3. Constructing a safe, reliable, and modern market and create landmarks in Taipei; introducing modern, innovative business models and endorsing comprehensive digitalization; developing councils and internal self-management mechanisms for vendors; improving the efficacy of the four management functions and agricultural product inspections to create a safe, healthy, high-quality market. 

4. Developing refined, environmentally-friendly, and recreational agriculture to establish local brands of agricultural products; promoting independent field inspections of agricultural products, assisting farmers’ associations, and strengthening the green economy; promoting the ideas of the garden city and urban afforestation with private groups and Farmers’ Association to increase the economic benefits of urban agriculture. 

5. Establishing a pet registry and pet neutering, and improving management of pet breeders; promoting animal-friendly spaces and health insurance for pets, creating an animal-friendly city; building new animal shelters to increase capacity; encouraging adoption through pet matchmaking; and improving wildlife habitat creation and decreasing the percentage of threatened ecological environments to establish a sustainable environment.

6. Promoting the project of Circular Taipei on a rolling basis, and promoting the installation and use of renewable energy sources to increase the use of renewable power; establishing safe environments for the use of natural gas by reinforcing oversight of public natural gas operation and management as well as the maintenance of delivery and storage facilities; optimizing hot spring resources and services, and operating and managing them effectively.

7. Establishing a convenient and sound commercial environment through the use of available marketing resources to showcase features of commercial districts to popularize our city’s niche industries, increase their capabilities, and highlight the convenience, friendliness, and diversity of businesses in our commercial districts.