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The major policies of 2011

  1. Mastering the turning point of ECFA, promoting APPE affairs actively, developing international market, and continually consolidate domestic and oversea marketing investments. Encourage Taiwanese entrepreneurs come back to Taiwan to invest, and attract foreign trader for financial investment. To develop commercial potential, consolidate the investment willingness of the company, and build up our city to become Asian and Pacific transport business center.
  2. Encouraging industry to innovate and develop, assistance small and medium sized enterprises upgraded and transferred, and also guidance youth to start an enterprise. Offer related allowance and preferential measures. Consolidate industry entirety competitiveness. Construct the superiority of investment environment, and active the economics of our city.
  3. Create a comfortable and friendly consuming environment; keep promoting the improvement program of shopping districts, markets, and recreational facility. Provide an overall modern space; build up a high quality commercial environment. To promote diversified commercial activity development. Successfully build up our city's feature and fascination.
  4. Continually promoting industry and commerce to saving energy, and promote reasonable and effective energy using. Promoting renewable energy installation and using, and implement hot spring resource management preservation.
  5. Promote to set up flora exposition memorial park. Continue the experience of flora exposition, flourishing flowers and plants, exhibitions and tourism act. Industry, and build up Taipei as a beautiful city.
  6. Strengthen overall mountain renovation and disaster prevention, implement hillside safety management. Investigate our city's hillside artificial earth-bank, and filing. Ensure public's life and property safety. Construct flawless and high quality nature environment. Improve agriculture environment, and create countryside with city feature.
  7. Promote responsible education to pet owner, well pet industry management development, and guarantee pet food hygienic security. Strengthen animal rescue system, improve animal adoption environment, and raise the quality of animal care. Prevent rabies, bird flu and other external creature invasion. Create an animal sustainable ecological environment.