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Taipei’s Advantages

In an effort to improve Taiwan’s investment environment and to attract domestic and foreign investment in the local biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the central government of Taiwan has incorporated biotechnology into the Challenge 2008 – The Six-Year National Development Plan and the Two Trillion, Twin-Star Project. These initiatives offer tax benefits, investment incentives, low-interest financing and incentives aimed at ensuring Taiwan’s biotechnology industry plays an important role in the international market of the 21st. century. The plan and the project have demonstrated our government’s high opinion of and confidence in biotechnology. For more information about these measures, please visit Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office)


The commitment of substantial capital and manpower resources from the central government applies nationwide and Taipei City Government provides further incentives in this area. As Taiwan’s most modern city, as a priority, Taipei is constructing the best environment for the development of the biotechnology industry.

Taipei City’s unique advantages include abundant biotech talents, sufficient capital, numerous research institutes in related fields, and fertile biotech industrial clusters, making Taipei one of the most attractive cities in the Asia Pacific region for this industry.

Advantage 1: Professional Talents

Human resources are main factors to successful industrial development. This is particularly true of the biotechnology industry, where talent is in short supply globally. Here Taipei has a special advantage, compared with other cities in the region, as we have no less than ten universities that specialize in biotechnology and related fields right here in the city. These include National Taiwan University, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei Medical University and the National Defense Medical Center, providing approximately 1650 well-educated graduates annually for the biotechnology industry. As well, many leading national research institutes are located in Taipei City, including Academia Sinica, the top national scientific and technological research institute; National Health Research Institutes, the primary institutes of integrated research in medical science and technology; and the Development Center for Biotechnology, which provides an important link between the academic and industrial sectors.

Not only is Taipei City home to Taiwan's best universities and research institutes; it is also the center of cultivation of biotech professionals and the foremost supplier of human resources for the biotech industry. Taipei is a city of choice for foreign companies or investors seeking professional talent for research and development activities.

Advantage 2: Investment Capital

Over eighty percent of Taiwan's venture capital organizations are located in Taipei City, a significant advantage for companies setting up operations here, particularly for those in the field of biotechnology. Furthermore, Taipei City Government has municipal investment plans in place, aimed at supporting those organizations in this field that it perceives as having potential for success. We are proud of the financial resources we have to offer biotechnology companies in the city.

Advantage 3: Top Research Institutions

Most of the top medical centers and universities of Taiwan are located here in Taipei City. As well as those mentioned above, there are a further seven medical centers (including the National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and the Tri-Service General Hospital) in Taipei City, and many hospitals and colleges are located nearby. All these medical centers, hospitals and educational institutions can provide state-of-the-art techniques, clinical information, experimental data and the most up-to-date information. This means that Taipei City has created an excellent environment for research and information exchange for the biotechnology industry.

Advantage 4: Professional Services and Well-Established Legal System

Experienced, competent practitioners in law (in particular specialists in intellectual property law), accounting and finance are easily accessible in the city, an advantage for new biotechnology companies requiring the best services possible. Moreover, Taiwan's well-established legal system and effective jurisdiction protect the complex work of biotech companies, providing effective litigation to prevent or control intellectual property rights infringements.

Advantage 5: Supporting Infrastructures

As a modern Asian metropolis, Taipei City's infrastructure is sophisticated and convenient, including comprehensive information and transportation networks. Good vehicle access, a public transportation network that integrates bus, light rail and subway systems, and ready access to taxis make getting around Taipei City exceptionally convenient.

The domestic airport (Songshan) and the main train station are both conveniently located near the city center. The CKS International Airport and the major seaport, Keelung, are both just a short forty-minute drive from downtown. Centrally located at the heart of the Asia Pacific region, Taipei is the city with the minimum average flight time between other regional hubs, which makes moving products and staff around the region convenient. Major international airlines maintain regular flights through the CKS airport. Traveling around and beyond Taipei is convenient - across town, across the island, or across the world.

Internet usage in the city is high. Taipei supports comprehensive, high speed optical fiber broadband networks facilitating communication, sharing of information, and excellent global connections.