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I. Retail Market Management

  1. Continuously promote operation and management of a modern market; establish standard procedures for administrative management; maintain operational order, public safety and fire safety management system in order to provide a comprehensive and solid market operation management system.
  2. Continuously maintain cleanliness of public markets; promote basic environment requirements like wet and dry separation, keep trash off the ground, food packaging simplification; establish a trading environment that embraces integrity; improve software and hardware (facilities); create a positive consuming environment to ameliorate satisfaction of market users.
  3. Strengthen the counseling of autonomous organizations' operations and organize vendor education seminars; assist vendors and autonomous organizations to alter their business categories according to consumers' needs in the neighborhood.
  4. Expand the outreach of the core values: "local culture", "local life", and "local food". Strengthen the brand marketing advantage of traditional markets.
  5. 5. Organize cross-market marketing event re-openings for markets that underwent renovations and annual celebration events for GuangHua digital plaza in order to bring life to market economic activities through marketing events.

II. Wholesale Market Management

  1. Facilitate fish market operation; distribute source of goods for vegetables and fruits to ensure full support and offering of trade. Help establish distribution channel to enhance business performance.
  2. Help establish distribution channel and trading system for potted plant auction to enhance business performance.
  3. Continue to carry out Avian Influenza Prevention and Control Project in order to build a holistic municipal poultry wholesale market operation mechanism.
  4. Improve wholesale market environment, provide a clean and bright market for three parties: suppliers, marketing and sales and consumers.
  5. Strengthen the inspection of pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables; enhance poultry slaughter hygiene management as well as the execution of seizing illegal slaughter businesses to secure food safety of citizens.
  6. Establish wholesale market assessment indicators for the main operational party to execute assessment and relative affairs.
  7. Assist the government's business entities equity representative for the city's public shares of agricultural products wholesale market to supervise over company operation in order to maintain government's rights and policies.

III. Market Operation Management & Planning

  1. Facilitate Taipei City Mall and Station Front Metro Mall to utilize all types of management mechanism to establish a complete supervising mechanism.
  2. Encourage civic engagement in market investment, continue to organize the subsequent use of land for unused markets sites; promote effective use of municipal property to enhance the value of the city land use.
  3. Handle public supermarket equipment repair escalation and management, collect site use fees and send reminders according to workflow; supervise the implementation of autonomous management programs on food safety, public safety and fire control safety among supermarket operators to enhance level of compliance in management system.

IV. Vendor Management

  1. Plan and execute Taipei City night market joint auditing.
  2. Conduct review and issuance of vendor business license.
  3. Carry out Taipei City night market landscape reconstruction project.
  4. Publish Taipei City sightseeing night market guidebook.
  5. Organize promotional events at temporary vendor gathering sites.
  6. Organize and promote Taipei City temporary vendor gathering sites friendly toilet program.
  7. Handle subsidies application workflow for software and hardware of Taipei City temporary vendor gathering sites.
  8. Promote Taipei City night market ingredient self-registration.
  9. Conduct operation evaluation plan for temporary vendor gathering sites managed by Taipei City government.

V. Market Alteration & Renovation Maintenance

  1. Manage renovation projects for Huannan Market, First Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, Taipei City Fish Wholesale Market,Dalong Market, Chenggong Market.
  2. Manage sporadic repair projects of individual markets and planned renovations for retail markets as well as constructions due to emergency incidents or catastrophes.
  3. Carry out public safety programs and fire control improvement plans in each market.
  4. Conduct random safety checks on current market (business) sites' power supply and buildings in order to maintain operational functions.
  5. For markets with power supply equipment that reach certain standards, ensure safety checks are conducted by commissioned electromechanical consulting firms and carry out appropriate prevention measures according to responsibilities to maintain usage of electricity public safety.
  6. Continue to execute "Taipei city market office vendor temporary gathering site fire safety equipment maintenance and execution plan", supervise the gathering city councils to complete fire control and safety equipment and ensure facilities are inspected by gathering site commissioned fire control specialists.

VI. Market Asset Management

  1. Plan, add and amend workflows of the current regulations.
  2. Review appropriateness and adjustment of calculation principle for government owned assets such as public retail markets, supermarkets, vendor stalls and underground mall rental/ usage fee.
  3. Plan, approve, review contracts and compliance management; conduct open auctions for renting and operating re-used vendor stalls (stores).
  4. Reuse and rental of idle and reclaimed traditional markets, supermarkets, underground mall, wholesale markets.