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Linjiang Street Tourist Night Market

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Linjiang Street Tourist Night Market, located at the intersection of Lingjiang Street and Lane 39 of Tonghua Street, neighbors the eastern district of Taipei City with entrances on Keelung Road and Tonghua Street. The 200-meter long night market provides shoppers with a wide variety of things to buy, including clothing, everyday products, and bedroom supplies. The must-try foods that can be found here include egg cake, rice noodle soup, and guabao.

Linjiang Street Tourist Night Market

Linjiang Street Tourist Night Market1

Lingjiang Street, Daan District, between Tonghua Street and Keelung Road.
1.From MRT Liuzhangli Station, walk down Sec. 2, Keelung Road for
about 15 minutes.
2.From MRT Xinyi Anhe Station Exit 4, move in the direction of Tonghua
Street, it is within 10 minutes walking distance.
Xinyi & Tonghua Roads20、22、22(shuttle)、33、37、38、226、292、Xinyi Main Line;Sanxing Elementary School 1、207、254、282、284、292、292(vice)、611、650、672