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Xichang Street Tourist Night Market

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Many scenes of the 2010 hit film Monga was shot at the nearby Longshan Temple, Herb Lane, and Bopiliao, and the area became one of the most popular tourism destinations as a result.Xichang Street Tourist Night Market is located right next to Longshan Temple, and the area has long been a commercial hub. Recently Taipei City Government has re-organized the layout of the night market so that the stalls are now located in the middle of the street. The stalls near Guangzhou Street usually sell clothes and household items while the food is found on Xichang Street near Guilin Road. Famous foods that can be found here include pot sticker, oily glutinous rice, four-herbal soup, and herbal tea. If you find yourself visiting Longshan Temple to pray for luck, why not take a stroll down Xichang Street?

Xichang Street Tourist Night Market

Xichang Street Tourist Night Market1

Xichang Street, Wanhua District, between Guangzhou Street and Guilin Road
From MRT Longshan Temple Station Exit 3, go along Xichang Street, it is within 5 minutes walking distance.
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